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Sophomores share teen perspective on issues of 2020

Gen Z FrenZ  episodes created by sophomores Wang, Shangguan, and  Calkins can be found on their instagram, genzfrenzpodcast 
Ana Torresarpi January 16, 2021

After less than a week of quarantining for the first time, an idea started brewing in sophomore Sophia Wang’s head. As she stared at the world around her from outside her bedroom window, she realized...

Transition Program spreads cheer 

Doors around school, including this one to the library commons, were wrapped in holiday cheer in December by Transition Program students
Emma Curry January 13, 2021

Leaders of the Transition Program, which helps students with disabilities learn life skills, had to find new ways to be creative this past holiday season.  The goal of the program is to help students...

A hit video game Among Us all

A simple game that makes you think, Among Us is sure to get rid of your boredom.
Sarah Lin January 11, 2021

Navigating 2020 for many was challenging and complex. With the lockdown and sudden transition into remote learning, trying to limit exposure, and a whole presidential election, it seemed like the year...

“60 Minutes?” How about New Trier’s 60 Seconds?

Sophomore Jack Gong discusses the coronavirus’ effect on the economy in the New Trier Minute’s first episode, “The Struggle Continues,” which was posted on Dec. 7
Lucas Eisen January 10, 2021

In her home office, sophomore and Broadcast Journalism student Margo Pagonis sets up her iPad on a tripod so it is at eye level. Two bookcases stand in the background, equidistant from where she will be...

Powerlifter muscles her way to top spot at national tournament

Song holding her first place award from the 2019 Powerlifting High School Nationals
Lula Fox January 10, 2021

Break time is almost over as she inhales deeply, the stench of sweat and dedication filling her nose. She is eager to get back to lifting, adrenaline pumping through her veins at the prospect of achieving...

Put an Austrian twist on your cookie list this year

Viennese Crescents sprinkled with powdered sugar
Casey Bertocchi, Sports Editor December 22, 2020

With the Christmas season in full-swing, most people are probably thinking about making sugar cookies and decorating them for Christmas. There is nothing inherently wrong with sugar cookies. They’re...

New tag helps readers discover diverse authors

In Angie Thomas's #ownvoices book
Quentin Reeb, Features Editor December 22, 2020

kRecently, librarians Marc Garneau, Angela Burns, Susan Peterson, and Raquelle Brennan added the #ownvoices tag to library catalogue. The #ownvoices marker can be used to label books with protagonists...

High flying Dalton Hastings soars in disc golf

Hastings, sporting his sponsored DiscMania equipment, prepares to practice
Erik Jaman December 20, 2020

Junior Dalton Hastings’s love for disc golf was born after tossing a frisbee for the first time. Over the last four years, Hastings has competed at increasingly high levels. Recently, he has begin sharing...

‘Caste’ is the history lesson we all need

Excerpt from Wilkerson's most recent book, Caste
Mattea Carberry, Features Editor December 18, 2020

I opened the book. Two paragraphs in, I had to stop. I sat for a few moments in awe. Never have I been so quickly struck by beautiful writing as I was by Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Origins of Our...

We should take a note or two or a hundred from the special ‘Euphoria’ episode

The new special Euphoria epsidoe aired on HBO Dec. 4
Mattea Carberry, Features Editor December 18, 2020

You may remember my last article in which I sort of bashed American films. And I still stand by what I said, but I feel moved to acknowledge that the new special episode of the HBO show “Euphoria”...

Finding holiday cheer in 2020

A colorful Christmas light display at Northbrook Court is part of a unique 2020 holiday experience
Grace Yoon, Staff Reporter December 16, 2020

This holiday season, many  New Trier families will have to spend the holidays at home. This year, the focus will be about the local festivities and the creative ideas families come up with.  With...

What it was like to be a poll worker or a campaign intern on election day

Junior Sammy Obel hands out flyers for State Rep. Robyn Gable’s campaign on Nov. 3
Emma Curry December 16, 2020

Junior Sammy Obel felt excited as she headed to Evanston to pass out sample ballots on Election Day. Meanwhile, Junior Sydney Durdov rose at 4:30 a.m. to help prepare the polls for voters. The two were...

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