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The schedule for NTs remote learning week
The grey/blue/green schedule isn’t enough for students
Quentin Reeb, Staff Reporter • April 24, 2020

I remember dismissing my friends’ texts when the grey/blue/green schedule was announced as nothing to worry about. They said things like “I...

Facing a pandemic, a DIY dye job may be just the thing we need
Facing a pandemic, a DIY dye job may be just the thing we need
Leah Schmidt, Staff Reporter • April 23, 2020

Whether through the media, our friends, or even ourselves, we’ve all been witness to breakdowns. Despite the reason for the breakdown - a break-up,...

The class of 2020 could be participating in their graduation ceremony from their living rooms
Graduation in a time of COVID
Emma Mansour, Opinions Editor • April 17, 2020

   On April 9, Principal Denise Dubravec sent out an email concerning graduation. Specifically, what the school is planning on doing...

Cheaters never prosper
Emma Mansour, Opinions Editor • March 13, 2020

In my time in high school, I’ve been told about academic integrity probably around 20 times. Each year, in each class, I have sat through...

Workin’ on a way to make it outta Texas
Cleo Pool, Sports Editor • March 13, 2020

I’m a junior so all I do is live and breathe college. I have my spreadsheet with tons of schools and every single stat I can find on each one....

Everyone needs a lunch period
Eva Roytburg, Opinions Editor • March 6, 2020

12:23. 12:24. 12:24. Though I was in Spanish class, my mind was spinning with mental math, spurred by the urgency of the ticking clock....

What success should really look like
Alex Rubinstein, News Editor • December 13, 2019

At New Trier, we are constantly inundated with messaging that equates success with elite colleges or athletic achievements. Even the...