Staff Editorial: Is vaping worth the risk? That’s up to you

Staff Editorial

September 27, 2019

Over the past few years, more and more teens have been vaping and using dab pens, and this habit is proving to be fatal. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 530 cases of serious lung injuries related to va...

Trials and tribulations of college admissions

Emma Mansour, Perspectives Editor

September 27, 2019

My parents tell me a lot of stuff. Most parents do. One thing they’ve told me over the years is that grades come first, meaning that grades, and having good ones specifically, comes before going to clubs or extracurriculars or hanging ou...

Burn out: New Trier’s epidemic

Sofia Papakos, Perspectives Editor

September 26, 2019

I honestly didn’t know how to start out this article. For the past 2 years, I’ve had a hard time even describing ‘burning out.’ Regardless, of copious amounts of research I’ve done, there’s no real explanation for...

Are you 17 or 18? Register to vote!

September 20, 2019

 The third Tuesday of every September is unofficial “National Voter Registration Day”. This year’s NVRD is next Tuesday, Sept. 24.  It was created to address the problem of low voter turnout during elections. NVRD is a no...

New MSA club seeks to eliminate stereotypes

Layla Saqibuddin, News Editor

April 8, 2019

On Feb. 15, NT approved MSA, which stands for Muslim Student Association. MSA is a 50-year-old national organization with over 100 chapters in the United States and Canada in both colleges and high schools. In the Chicago area,...

Mental health specialist panel educates NT parents

Hannah Sussman, Reporter

April 8, 2019

In an effort to educate parents and students on mental health, specifically depression, the school invited several panelists to introduce the topic as well as answer audience produced questions. The panel was made up of representatives...

How to talk about mental health

Danielle Kurensky, Opinion Editor

March 8, 2019

I have anxiety. While this might not be a big deal to some, this fact is something I have wrestled with for the past five years and for a while I wouldn’t talk about my anxiety with people outside of my family. Anyone who...

Cartoon of the Week: Feb 15, 2019

Alessia Liebovich, Graphic Artist

February 15, 2019


Ezra Wallach

Ezra Wallach

November 13, 2018

Students lack sexual health clinics

Hannah Sussman and Eva Roytburg

November 2, 2018

Angles, a local clinic providing sexual health counseling and services, closed in 2016, leaving North Shore teenagers without nearby alternatives to address their sexual health. According to NBC news, 16.9 years is the average...