2012-2013 Staff

Nick Krauskopf

Nick Krauskopf is a sports editor and a good guy.

Danni LeServe

Danni LeServe is one of the sports editors this year. This year she will be reporting on sports at New Trier. She likes to play sports and she is on the cross country and lacrosse team here at New Trier. GO TREVS!!!

Max Borushek

Max Borushek is the features editor of the New Trier. Besides laying out the features page, Max enjoys long walks on the beach and a nice pair of slacks.

Leah Pearlman

Leah Pearlman is an opinions editor of all things controversial and trending. She's a woman of mystery and power. Hobbies: Magnets Pet peeve: Knees Cats: No Lemons: Yes Follow her on twitter @leah_pearls!...

Emmy Minturn

Emmy Minturn is the photo art layout editor this year. She loves taking pictures of friends and family, and will be taking lots this upcoming year. Smile if you see her!

Sarah Wong

Sarah Wong is the Co-Editor in Chief of the Online News. She works with Sam to upload articles, pictures, and other interesting content. She’s really excited to expand our readership through social media and our website. She...

Katherine Rhea

Katherine is the news editor this year. She is so excited to layout the first page and come up with interesting news pieces.

Abby Burton

Abby Burton is one of the opinions editors this year. She writes her opinions on all different topics. Whether they are controversial or not, she always has something to say!

Madison Mcvey

Madison McVey is one of the Features editors this year. She writes about what's poppin' at NT. She will make sure everyone's reading the paper.

Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee is one of the Editor In Chiefs of the Examiner. McKenna Patterson and him create monthly publications focusing on one topic or theme that deals with the school or the local community. He enjoys journalism and writing...