Q&A with field hockey player Jenn Kirby

David Heiman

May 24, 2018

Q: How long have you been playing field hockey? A: I’ve been playing field hockey for four and a half years. Q: What was your role on the team this year? How did you lead? A: I was a captain so I was definitely in the r...

Q & A with an athlete: football player Terry Zapf

David Heiman

March 23, 2018

Q: How long have you been playing football? A: I’ve been playing football since I was in 5th grade. Shout out Winnetka Green Wave. Q: How is the team looking next year? A: The team is looking great for next year. We are bri...

Q&A with an athlete: rower Peter Chatain

Lexi Shoup

March 16, 2018

Q: How long have you been rowing? How did you get into rowing? A: I’ve been rowing for 187 weeks plus or minus epsilon.  Freshman year my dad suggested that I try out for the NT rowing team so I did. Q: How long have you be...

Athlete of the Week: Cate Murdock, senior guard

Lexi Shoup

March 2, 2018

Q: Were you guys expecting to win regionals? A: We were expecting to make it to the regional game, but we were playing a really good team. I knew we could win and I was hoping we would but it wasn’t a definite win, especia...