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Quarantine means tech issues, boredom for many students

Belah Ratowitz, Staff Reporter

March 24, 2020

As school closed over Covid-19, students spent their class time learning remotely. For most students, that means a battle with Canvas issues, technical difficulties, and boredom during their time at home. Sophomore Coco Baum...

The Pandemic of lies and fear

Graham Ambrose, Staff Reporter

March 24, 2020

Ever since the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, the pandemic has spread to over 150 nations. Schools have closed, restaurants and bars have shut down, and people are canceling vacation plans left and right. But th...

Income Inequality and COVID-19: How the nation’s poor are coping

Hope Talbot, News Editor

March 24, 2020

With the New Trier administration’s Mar. 19  announcement that school will be closed until Apr.13, the expectation is that staff and students will put themselves in a state of isolation and continue to do school and professional w...

Why Gen X may be handling this quarantine better than Gen Z

Cleo Pool, Sports Editor

March 24, 2020

To us, this concept of locking ourselves away and learning to entertain ourselves is absurd. But to our parents, it’s nothing new.   The generation before Millennials is known as “Gen X” but many refer to this as t...

Coronavirus vs. Class of 2020

Katy Pickens, Co-Editor in Chief

March 24, 2020

Social distancing sucks. Many of us know cancelling group events, public functions, and parties is the safe, healthy, and conscientious thing to do. However, these cancellations have still created plenty of personal resentment a...

Students take advantage of COVID-19 free time

Connor Caserio, Sports Editor

March 23, 2020

With school moved online due to COVID-19, most of us are using our extra free time to sleep in, catch up on Netflix, and just relax in general. Some Trevians, though, have taken advantage of the extra time  putting their crea...

Social media and COVID-19: friend or foe?

Mattea Carberry, Sports Editor

March 23, 2020

In this period of social distancing and extended isolation due to COVID-19, social media has taken on even greater power and influence – for better or for worse.  It can prove an invaluable way in which to stay connected with o...

What COVID-19 means for the New Trier News

March 23, 2020

Hello to the New Trier community! We hope everyone is in good health and making the best out of this #coronacation.  For the New Trier News, COVID-19 means big changes--at least for a while. Because of the switch to online lea...