Guys need to say the F-word

Danielle Kurensky, Opinions Editor

December 21, 2018

Beware, I’m going to use the F-word a lot in this piece. I’m just saying you’ve been warned. So here it goes, I am a feminist. That probably wasn’t the F-word you were expecting and while it might be disappointing to...

Guest Column: Why I’m proud to call myself a feminist

Annabel Weyhrich, Guest Columnist

May 22, 2017

No one should ever feel embarrassed to point out something they don’t think is right

Feminism means equality for both genders

March 11, 2016

This Tuesday, March 8 was International Women’s Day. In class, my teacher asked who there was a feminist. As I looked around, some girls sheepishly raised their hands, myself included. The guys in the class only raised their...