Mind the gap… year

Molly George

May 24, 2018

While many of New Trier’s seniors are thinking about the college they will be attending next year, more than a handful of seniors are excited not to be going to college. Not right away, anyway. Gap year continues to gain populari...

College isn’t the only option for seniors

Helen Fagan

May 22, 2017

A common stereotype associated with the New Trier “bubble” is that the school is full of teens with the expectation that after high school, seniors continue on to college. Many assume that because New Trier boasts a 99%...

Gap year provides unique opportunity

Beth Wall

May 22, 2017

Despite its seemingly miniscule population, it seems that gap year yields successful students. Gap Year Coordinator Gretchen Stauder said, “I’ve never heard of a student who has come back and said ‘I wish I hadn’t taken...

Gap Year Fair gives students alternative options

Mimi Cassato

February 8, 2017

The annual Gap Fair took place on Jan. 28 at New Trier High School giving seniors the chance to explore alternative post high school plans. For students like Mia Solberg, Colin Richards, and Sophie Chevalier, taking a gap year...

College can wait

College can wait

May 29, 2012