Dear freshman self, no matter what happens, you will survive

Michelle Yurovsky

May 24, 2018

Freshman year feels like it was a lifetime ago.  I can honestly say you have grown in many ways; you’ve become a better version of yourself. I have some advice I would like to give you, and I wish someone had told you this...

Don’t hate if I don’t participate

Michelle Yurovsky

March 23, 2018

I used to be pretty shy in the majority of my classes. In most other situations, I am extremely social. I love meeting new people and making new friends.  For some reason when it came down to participating in classes, I found i...

The struggles of being Jew-ish

Michelle Yurovsky

March 16, 2018

I consider myself to be Jewish. My dad is a Russian Jewish immigrant who moved to the United States when he was thirteen years old. With them, he and his family brought their faith along. My mom, on the other hand, was born in...

Senioritis is not what you think

Michelle Yurovsky

March 9, 2018

I remember taking my very last final and being so excited to finally be able to, for once, take a breather during the school year. I’ve been looking forward to being a second semester senior since sophomore year. I always ...

A change in attitude can lead to more gratitude

Michelle Yurovsky

March 2, 2018

In lieu of recent events, I’d like us all to take a moment to appreciate the positive aspects of our lives. Especially in the past few months, I’ve noticed an influx of negative media coverage.  No matter what media outlet I turn...

Apparently enough is never enough

Michelle Yurovsky

December 8, 2017

I haven’t had a phone since Sept 25. I wish I could say that I had an epiphany and simply got rid of it. Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not the case. Long story short, my phone broke, I got in trouble shortly after, and it...

I’m an only child, not a lonely child

Michelle Yurovsky

November 10, 2017

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed at New Trier, and the rest of my life, there don’t seem to be a whole lot of only children. Many times, the assumption is that there’s a hush hush reason for why parents chose to have...

Construction costs rise over initial estimates

Mack Guthrie, Lexi Shoup, and Michelle Yurovsky

May 22, 2017

With six months left of construction, the school has less than $500,000 left in its contingency budget, having already spent over $5 million of reserves. “We estimate that when the project concludes next fall we will have used abo...