We should all listen to Noname

Claudia Levens, Co-Editor in Chief

December 14, 2018

The first time I heard Noname was on Chance the Rapper’s song “Lost” off his mixtape, Acip Rap. Ever since, I’ve been enthralled by the way her soothing voice spins together intimate stories of growing up on the west s...

Why old school rap still paves the way for social justice

Bella Geroulis

December 7, 2016

My 7th grade English teacher was probably the cutest woman I’ve ever seen. She loved to read. She always had her hair in ribbons. You would never catch her in anything but a dress. She screamed “teacher” from a mile away....

Christmas has come early for hip-hop heads

Max Borushek

March 20, 2015

For hip-hop heads across the nation, Christmas has come in March. 2015 has already been off to a great start for fans of rap music, with releases such as Joey Bada$$’s highly anticipated debut album, “B4.DA.$$,” in January,...