Student athletes putting pressure aside for the love of the game

Danielle Kurensky

March 16, 2018

Many athletes feel playing a sport adds pressure to their lives. However, they continue to play for the community, for the love of the game, for the friendships they form with their teammates, and for the rewarding sense of ...

The stress of four years of comparison

Michelle Yurovsky

October 6, 2017

These days, it seems as though everyone is in a rush to grow up.  Societal standards are getting harder to live up to, which causes us to start worrying about our futures faster than any preceding generation. From a young...

Coping with and crushing mid-year stress

Max Minogue, Opinions Editor

November 2, 2016

High school is stressful. If you’re a senior, you’re currently drowning in college everything: the uncertainty, the applications, and dealing with every single person in the world feeling obliged to know the intimate details...

Finals Amplify Student Stress

Nora Crumley

February 17, 2015

New Trier Students had their first semester finals starting Jan. 21, and because the test determined up to 20% of a student’s grade, anxiety and stress were abundant. This calls into question whether finals are beneficial...

Keep calm and eat chocolate

Kesley Curran, Opinions Editor

January 16, 2014

“I can’t wait for finals,” said no one ever. Well, whether you like it or not, the dreaded week is just around the corner. So queue the stress, procrastination and tears. Personally, I hate finals with a burning passion....

Max has a bit of a meltdown

Max Friedman, Opinion Editor

December 4, 2013

Note: if you do not enjoy people complaining, especially for long periods of time, then this piece is not for you. Please feel free to skip to the next page, because there are some very nice articles about no shave November. Wh...

Staff Editorial: Making the most out of your average school week

Staff, Co-Editor

September 27, 2013

Monday to Friday. Nine periods a day. Seven hours per day. Thirty-five hours per week. Weekend for  two days. Then repeat. This formula is bound to get stale over time. That’s why the school has to include days off in between...

Start working, stop stressing out

Max Friedman, Opinion Editor

September 13, 2013

It’s time to let summer go. Sorry everyone, but the party’s over, and now it’s time for school. Which means we have to get into that dreaded school mentality. We have to start doing our homework at home. We have to be prepared...

Moira’s guide to a stress-free second quarter

Moira Jorgenson

November 6, 2012

As first quarter comes to a close and second quarter begins, you may be feeling a little anxious or stressed. Seniors are having mental breakdowns over college applications. Juniors are feeling the pressure of the dreaded junior...

The Final Countdown

Kristina Chura, New Trier News

June 7, 2012

Do you remember the last ten days of elementary school? You know, how the seventh day was funky hair day, the third day was pajama day and so on. But now it seems like the last ten days of school are the worst ten days of your...