Meet your 2019-2020 Student Alliance leaders

Hope Talbot, Staff Reporter

March 15, 2019

Big changes are underway in Trevian politics as new Student Alliance leaders have been elected for the upcoming school year. This new wave of student representation will be led President Max Rosen and Vice-President Ethan VanGosen,...

Let the walkout be a walkout

Ezra Wallach

March 2, 2018

Dear Student Alliance and the New Trier administration, on behalf of myself as well as many of my peers, I ask you to please do less. Student Alliance and others are planning the Mar. 14 walkout as a safe and seamless demonstr...

Student Alliance announces new officers

Jessa Snower

April 6, 2017

Student Alliance is prepared to make a big difference next year and support the needs of the student body with the new leaders that were chosen in the election, Friday March 10th. The 2017 Student government will be led by...

Dear Administration, student voice matters

October 8, 2016

At New Trier, students are granted an enormous amount of trust and freedom from the administration. We have the power to sit in the hallways, use our phone during off time, and decide for ourselves what to do during our free peri...

Student Alliance takes on new leadership

Liz Byrne, Editor-in-Chief

November 6, 2015

Senior Faith Dearborn has taken over as Student Alliance President following the removal of the previous President from office. Dearborn was elected Vice President in Spring 2015 and was a member of Student Alliance her sophomore ...

The truth about ninth period clubs

Sarah Wong

October 3, 2014

There are numerous clubs at New Trier that require an application for membership, such as Girls Club, Tri-Ship, Student Alliance, and Trevia. Students may find the process unnecessarily rigorous and exclusive, but there is...