Living in the moment

College applications are due, I have two huge tests this week, and on top of that, I have a presentation.
Yet, with all of these things on my plate, I still managed to find time (all of Sunday, to be exact) to stalk Homecoming pictures on Facebook and Instagram.
As I looked through these pictures of my peers, I realized the root of my procrastination is my phone and all of the apps on it.
I am not saying that technology is completely to blame, but I know I can’t sit down in one place and finish my homework without looking at my phone.
For some reason, everyone seems to think that if they don’t check the latest posts on social media, they aren’t up to date with everyone else, me included.
I think it’s great that people have easier ways to interact, but social media is slowly turning from a virtual world into a real world for some.
As sad as it is, I have heard people choose their activities based on what they think would look cool on Instagram. Everyone has heard the term “do it for the Vine,” though it’s considered a joke, it has become a reality.
Think about it; how often do you live in the moment without tweeting or snap chatting about it?
In our generation, I am seeing less people enjoying the moment. Rather, I see groups of people taking pictures to make the activity seem more enjoyable to the public than it actually is.
News flash: not everything that you do has to be recorded for everyone else to see.
The problem is that everyone is consumed by what others are doing. I’m not going to lie; I often fall into this category, too. So, I’ve set a new goal for myself. I want to avoid social media at all costs, especially during this stressful quarter, but this is easier said than done.
Unfortunately, this past Sunday I went to the library with hopes of being productive. Instead, I sat there for a straight hour without opening my backpack. Yes, I was looking at my phone, scrolling through pictures and commenting on everyone’s different themes for homecoming. It seemed necessary at the time, but I now realize how much time I threw away.
The truth is, nothing on social media is that interesting. Sure, it’s fun to look at once in a while, but it has to be taken in doses. Too much Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter can consume people.
My advice is to push through this rough semester, and don’t worry as much about what others are doing. I feel like our generation is quickly losing their abilitiy to enjoy the simple things in life without connecting them to technology. Life goes fast, so you better make the best of each moment.
Hopefully I can take my own advice on this one.
Baby steps, Abby, baby steps.