Yes, we’ve fallen victim to the water bottle micro-trends

Water Bottles have been a hot topic recently, with the “bottle to have” changing before even having time to take a sip. We ranked the top three bottles so you don’t have to.
Yes, we’ve fallen victim to the water bottle micro-trends

Micro-water bottle trends have taken off in full blast this year, with bottles like the Stanley, Owala, and Hydro-Flask competing for top spot. Each insulated bottle promotes similar qualities, however, the hundreds of unique features and diverse color options have led to water-adicts stalking the market, eager to get their hands on the newest styles. Although all made to hold water, we critically picked each bottle apart to determine our favorite, so you can skip the trial runs. 


Stanley tumbler:

The massive Stanley tumbler made a hot entrance ever since its appearance on TikTok this past year. The gigantic handle and bulky, 40oz body of the cup definitely attract attention, and the wide variety of colors and patterns have addicted users to buy every style on the market; yes, me included. Stanley cups are simply more fun to drink water out of, and despite its large nature, I actually do have to refill it (in the gate kept cafeteria Chick-fil-A ice machine) throughout the day as I carry it around with me. I had never understood the term “emotional support water bottle” until I bought my bright blue tumbler, yet it makes perfect sense now. The crisp, ice cold water remains sharp and hydrating while living in my Stanley, and despite the hefty price tag, I would buy it again, and probably a second one, too. 

However, the Stanley cup parody TikToks, mocking the people carrying the cup, by saying its size is that of a giant trash can, is a fairly accurate statement. As a fellow Stanley cup user, I too, feel exceptionally stupid as I walk the New Trier halls carrying a 1.4 lb water bottle. The obtrusive bottle is blatantly obvious when placed on a desk, and completely blocks the view of the board for the peers that sit behind me. Not only that, but each time it gets knocked over, the water spills everywhere, pouring out of the straw which creates an obnoxious mess, a situation that was obviously overlooked in the bottle’s design process. Plus, do they have lead in them? The giant controversy has determined yes, they do, but is the lead actually harmful? Most say no, for the lead is only in the bottom of the bottle, yet that hasn’t stopped many people from painfully tossing out their beloved water bottle. Nevertheless, the giant straw, huge size, and mega handle makes the Stanley a perfect comfort water bottle. Will I stop using my Stanley? Absolutely not. I could never. 


Hydro Flasks:

Hydro Flasks have been a tried and true water bottle ever since the 2019 VSCO era. And, I have to say, it’s a classic for a reason. They make every color under the sun, have multiple different sizes for all of your drinking needs, and even came out with a tumbler version recently, modeling after the Stanley. When roaming the NT halls, I mostly see variations of the classic 32 oz or 40 oz cup, taking me straight back to 5th grade; I know you went through the Hydro Flask phase. Don’t lie. The larger sized cups don’t normally fit in car cup holders or side backpack pockets, but with the wide range of sizes, and styles for every occasion. They also offer many different styles of tops, featuring screw off lids and straws. The Hydro Flask is a pretty classic, universal water bottle, and I personally don’t feel too annoyed carrying it around during the day at school. The hydro-flask may have made a quick exit, many girls violently fleeting the VSCO girls they once were, but let’s be honest, the bottle will always be a classic. 


On the other hand, when my Hydro Flask falls on the floor… That’s when I regret my decision of owning it at all. Despite the fact that many other bottles on the market make a lot of noise when colliding with the granite school floor, Hydro Flasks in particular make such a loud commotion that everyone in your class will, without fail, look up to see who’s fault it was. When your water bottle, and it will, falls, Hydro Flasks in particular have been famous for denting. I fell victim to the bottle boot, a silicon mold that sits around the base of the water bottle to avoid chipping the paint when setting it down on the table. In my opinion, a bottle craved by middle schoolers should be completely drop proof, however, I did love my bright, blue boot white bottle combo. In the long run, I’m willing to look past the cup’s flaws given that it keeps my water at the perfect, cool temperature all day long. 



A more recent addition to the water bottle craze is the infamous Owala. The bright colors of the cup definitely stand out, and the fun top turns the user into a koala, an adorable addition. The convenient size range allows for the bottle to nicely fit into backpacks, and the well thought out lid (listen up Stanley!), allows for the drinker to swing, toss and dump the bottle without any fear of spillage. My personal favorite component of the cup is the sip and chug feature, allowing you to sip the water through a hidden straw, or chug it through a bigger opening. 

On the other hand, Owala has definitely created some pretty wonky color combos (neon orange and teal blue is not my personal favorite). However, after sifting through the color palettes, there are definitely some hidden gems, like my cherished hot pink and purple bottle. Although the Owala has a great, multipurpose lid, the cup as a whole does seem to form an awkward shape, featuring a rounded bottle with a dome-like top. The body of the bottle doesn’t have a handle, however, our favorite multipurpose lid does. The circular handle can be pulled up from the top of the cup, however, it’s small, making it a little awkward to hold. The Owala is able to be thrown into a bag without worrying about soaking the contents, and its clicky nature is, I have to admit, fun to use. The bottle is perfect for everyday use or working out, and the sip-chug lid is definitely one of my favorite water bottle features I have ever used. 


With all of these water bottles competing for number one, a clear winner rises above the rest. The Stanley tumbler, even with the potential lead poisoning risk, is, in fact, our favorite. The large handle and giant straw make it easy to stay hydrated, and despite the amount of spillage it causes, the bottle is ultimately the comfort water bottle of the year. The bottle, although maybe the most inconvenient out of the bunch, features such a diverse amount of styles, can hold an unbelievable amount of water, and has the overall “clean girl” aesthetic that is incomparable to other bottles on the market. Any of these bottles are great options, and ultimately, each one will keep your water cold and serve its purpose. Each one has its unique flaws, but overall, all of these water bottles are the perfect way to stay hydrated. 

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