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Wise, second from left. with three fellow EMTs in Bello Colombia
Junior spends six months working in Colombian Hospital
Ana Torresarpi, Sports Editor • May 19, 2021
Day of Service allows alumni to work on passion projects
Said Aydin, Opinions Editor • May 19, 2021
Teachers concerned over student cheating during pandemic
Charles Foster, Features Editor • May 12, 2021
Front page of the New Trier News newspaper on September 28, 2001
New Trier reflects on 20 years since September 11 attacks
Said Aydin, Opinions Editor • September 11, 2021
Even though students are back in class fully in-person this year, many restrictions are still in place
What you need to know about New Trier’s reopening
Sarah Lin, News Editor • August 22, 2021
Students express mixed feelings on safety as school year begins
Students express mixed feelings on safety as school year begins
Grace Yoon, Editor in Chief • August 22, 2021
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At Tampa International Airport, travelers outfitted in protective face masks make their way past the ticket counter. Many major airlines, including United and American Airlines, require masks for travel.
How have we not been doing this this whole time?
Lucas Eisen, Opinions Editor • September 21, 2021
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