Times that made us LOL


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“My favorite memory of New Trier was being able to win back to back field hockey state championships.”

“Beating my chem teacher in Boggle and him complaining that I cheated.”

“Funniest memory that I have at NT is when I played bubble soccer at a school pep rally. I didn’t really have the proper shoes to wear, so I wore Birkenstocks.”

“Getting to school at 8:14 consistently.”

“Mr. Pinos’ World History class freshman year. He didn’t show up one day and we all just left and went to Spring Fest. I’d forgotten about that until now but it was a good time.”

“Walking down the halls to run into Rainn Wilson. He snubbed me :(“

“When I got to perform in lagniappe potpourri’s first ever porn scene ;)”

“My favorite memory was breaking ten minutes for two miles in track the season after I’d been diagnosed with Crohn’s and had lost 15lbs over the summer.”

“The day the teachers were gone for a meeting and my friends and I just made awful GarageBand songs for 2 periods.”

“Junior year our football bus left without our coach because the bus driver thought a player was the coach. We didn’t realize until we reached the other school that we had left him.”

“I got a detention for going to the bathroom”

“Watching Mac Zelazny draw the “Last Airbender” arrow only Bradly’s shaved head with an expo marker during sophomore year chemistry.”

“Watching New Trier hockey and Lacrosse win state championships.”

“When Jeff Markham locked himself in one of our IGSS classrooms and couldn’t get out until we completed all the steps to our scavenger hunt/ escape room (you had to be there).”

“When Jack Greco threw his friend through a window Freshman year.”

“I loved the unfortunate fire alarms.”

“Dude got knocked out by a punt that hit his helmet when he went to catch it sophomore year.”

“My civics class told me to get a tattoo so I did. I have no shame and no regrets about it.”

Funniest: In chem my lab partner accidentally spilled hydrochloric acid on me and burned a hole through my leggings.

“Accidentally hitting the emergency button in the elevator while filming a short film.”

“One time in theater we were doing improve movement and this guy came up to me and tried to do a sexy drop and ripped his pants right down the middle and proceeded to call his mom to bring him another pair.”

“The rise of DJ C-walk.”

“All of Mr. Atwell’s funny stories.”

“During lunch this year we started clapping for my friend and pretended that she committed to Harvard to play tennis and then the whole library commons started to cheer for her”

“Playing frisbee outside with friends and IGSS teachers.”