Highs and lows: seniors reflect on the best and worst of NT

From lunchroom cookies to academic rigor, these are graduating seniors favorite and least favorite memories



Students mingle during the Homecoming Dance in 2019

Best: “Kurt Weiler.”
Worst: “The smell of that one hallway when classes are doing dissections.”
– Emma Mansour

Worst: “I believe New Trier students are guilty of the ‘New Trier superiority complex’ basically where we all know/believe that NT is the best school in the U.S. and that we are untouchable.” – Ellie McGregor

Best: “Being able to go to a school in a place that looks like a spaceship.”
– Mitchel Shelman

Best: “The warmth and cooperation that can be found within small groups of people, who look out for each other even when the environment has conditioned us to feel pressured and competitive. The worst thing about New Trier is the biology requirement.” – Markus Tam

Best: “Lunchroom chocolate chip cookies, they are the GOAT.”
Worst: “Having a class on the 4th floor the period after having a class in the basement, especially when the two classrooms are on opposite sides of the building as well.” – Emily Rhee

Worst: “It’s a superficial institution designed to keep money and good education within the same group of white people for generations and generations.”
– Maximilian Levy

Best : “New Trier is a place where there are so many people it is hard to stick to the status quo and be a traditional high school student. I at first felt wasn’t intimidated by New Trier’s size, but thinking back I definitely experienced it with the rigor in my clubs and classes. This definitely pushed me to evaluate who I am going to be in a deeper context and I believe has made me a better person.”
– Aaron Wineberg

Payton Marshall

Best: “No matter who you are, there is always a group of people who will accept you and befriend you.”
– Keyler White

Best: “How caring the staff is.” Worst: “the toxic environment the students create.”- Sabrina Dudra

Best/worst: “[New Trier’s] many resources and opportunities. However, New Trier and the surrounding community have a lot of work to do towards racial diversity and inclusion, as well as recognizing white privilege. The student body of New Trier would benefit from learning more narratives from people of color, and not just on ‘special occasions.’ I also think that the stress culture at New Trier is unhealthy. There is a focus on college and standardized tests very early on in high school. Students don’t get to enjoy thinking outside the box and imagining the possibilities that the resources and facilities at New Trier present. Students generally are more focused on numbers than learning itself. New Trier’s educational approach could use a splash of color and encouragement.”
Worst: “The culture of comparison. Everyone is always competing against each other, and it is difficult to take pride in your own accomplishments when you are surrounded by high-achieving students that are impossible to keep up with.” – Xariah Chase
Best: “The people- lots of amazing people at NT, great teachers, etc.”
Worst: “The energy surrounding college admissions.” – Katherine Fawcett

Best: “The caring nature of teachers. They don’t just want you to do well in their class they care about you as a person. Over the years almost all of my teachers have made me feel supported.”
Worst: “The friend group toxicity. I think it would be hard to not be in a friend group in such a clique school especially since its so big I wish there was a way to make it a friendlier place.” – Charlotte Loehr

Best: “How [New Trier] prepares you for the real world because you have to learn how to advocate for yourself.”
Worst: “How cliquey it is.”- Mary Atteberry

Best/worst: “The size. The fact that it is so big allows you to meet so many great people, but also makes you feel unknown/unnoticed sometimes.”
– Rebecca Brodne
Best: “The exceptional teaching and importance of education throughout the building.”
Worst: “There a sense of complacency and mediocrity among some of the student body and faculty. There is little school pride at New Trier in comparison to other high schools which is disappointing, but I am still thankful and glad I was a Trevian for the past four years.”
– Trevor Boehm

Best: “The people you meet.”
Worst: “How academically challenging it was, and seeing how hard students pushed themselves to do well. – Francesca Caruso

Best: “All of the friends I made.”
Worst: “Having to miss my final months there without getting a chance to say goodbye. I had my last day of high school and didn’t even know it would be my last day of high school so that was disappointing. – Jamie Goldman