It was the best of times

What seniors are going to miss about New Trier

“The people I’ve met and wonderful teachers who’ve taught me life-lessons more significant and impactful than just academics by itself.”

“I will miss Tri-Ship because it was one of the greatest clubs in the world. I know that a lot of people give it a bad rap, but we get stuff done in that club. “

“I’ll miss seeing everyone in the hallways, and all the little connections I have with these people. We’ve grown up together, and I’m really grateful to all of you.”

“I’ll miss rushing out of bed to get to my parking spot, hardly having time to eat breakfast, and then jumping head first into my classes. I wouldn’t say I missed it then, but I will, now.”

New Trier Applied Arts

“3D printing room, better than most colleges.”

“My last three months of high school. Also the stir fry.”

“The programs they offer. There are a ton of clubs (hacky sack society!!!) and classes that allow the students to explore into interests and hobbies they didn’t know they had!”

“My time serving the student body in Student Council.”

“The food in the cafeteria!! Especially the cookies.”

“The cafeteria staff. They are the best. Give them all a raise.”

“I will miss my time at WNTH for years to come.”

“High Five Choir, ELS Club, and the sense of community I felt while being a student at New Trier.”

“My advisery 🙁 I had such an incredible advisor who created such a non-judgmental environment for everyone. The girls in my advisory are some of my closest friends and morning advisory is always my favorite part of the day.”

“I will definitely miss my favorite advisor Ms. K. Parks and I will miss some teachers I’ve been working with.”

NT News files

“The crazy school spirit, all the sports games.”

“My favorite memory was breaking ten minutes for two miles in track the season after I’d been diagnosed with Crohn’s and had lost 15lbs over the summer.”

NT website

“I will miss all my teachers. I appreciate my toughest teachers because they pushed me to become a better student and role model for my class. My sophomore geoscience class with Ms. Ferraro was probably my toughest class at New Trier. She was a tough grader, but I believe I needed somebody like Ms. Ferraro to challenge me in class everyday. She’s friendly, kind, and funny. I am beyond appreciative of all the teachers who challenged me during my four years because it has helped me grow as a student and person.”

NT website

“Lagniappe Potpourri.”

“Free dinners from Dowize :(”

NT website

“THE DANCE DIVISION & the bonds I created at this school. The school’s taco shell bowls. That stuff is fuego.”

NT volleyball team

“New Trier volleyball.”

“The classmates that recurred throughout my four years here, who I became quite familiar, if not friends, with.”

“Studying outside the library commons with a coffee and bag of chips.”

“I will miss seeing and talking to my friends on a daily basis. I’ll miss sitting around in the cafe and the rotunda talking/complaining about school and the stairs. I’ll miss the fencing team which is a silly sport but we were all so close. Even though we were all different we could find ways to bond.”

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“Just the energy in the building every day. Walking through the crowded halls always made me feel a little bit more awake and happy to be there.”

“My favorite memory of New Trier was being able to win back to back field hockey state championships.”

“I will miss the New Trier hallways: saying hi to my friends, teachers, and security guards.”

“The thing I will miss more than anything about New Trier is my teachers. The teachers that I had at New Trier are some of the greatest role models that I could ever ask for. They helped shape me into the person I am today, and always made me believe that I could achieve anything I wanted to. I will hold so many teachers that I’ve had in my heart forever.”

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“I mean it’s a very nice building I guess.”

“The relationships I had with my teachers, especially Mr. Docktor. I also loved seeing my friends every single day.”

“The $7 edamame in the cafe.”

“Discussing the most random topics in advisery.”