New Trier News


Founded in 1919, The New Trier News is published Fridays during the school year by the students of New Trier Township High School, 385 Winnetka Avenue, Illinois 60093.

In its 100th year of publication, the NT News has covered stories ranging from accidental lockdowns, instances  hate groups taking hold in our community, and the continuing impacts of the coronavirus. Though publication of a physical weekly paper is no longer possible, the NT News will continue to provide local stories online to serve the student population of New Trier and the community as a whole


Correspondence may be directed to the New Trier News office, room 011, or by calling (847) 784-2278.

All letters to the editors are welcome, though we will not print anonymous letters. Direct these and other inquiries through our webpage or to our email at [email protected].

The Staff Editorial is written by the Editors-in-Chief and reflects the ideas and beliefs of the New Trier News student staff.


Twitter: @newtriernews

Instagram: @newtrier_news