Seniors miss projects

What seniors had planned to do their last quarter of high school

I was going to do a photography series exploring contrast technically and thematically with bright light and dark shadows and contrasting subjects and backgrounds. It would have been really cool to work with a professional photographer, I’m super bummed.                                                                                                                                         Gary Lyman

I was going to shadow a real estate agent and see how the process works.                                                            Terrence Maday

I was going to shadow a nurse at a children’s hospital and take a course to get my nurse assistant certification.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Annika Coleman

My team and I were going to create a website/social media platform to connect large tech companies and venture capitalist firms with young tech organizations such as hackathons and entrepreneurship clubs. We still are, we just aren’t getting any school off.                                                                                                                                             Alex Nagel

I was going to restore my backyard into a prairie, with all native species to the Potawatomi region.                         Iona McQuiston

I was going to work at a research lab at Rosalind Franklin University.                                                                                    Claire Snedegar

I was going to work with the Winnetka Police department to learn about law enforcement and show teens my age that cops aren’t just here to pull you over and issue drinking tickets.                                                                            Josh Silverman

I was going to work with a behavioral and developmental pediatrician at luries childrens hospital.                           Ethan Lestrud

I had plans to intern at my church in student ministry. I wondered what it really meant to work in a Christian profession, and the ways in which faith is put in to practice to impact community lives.                                                Xariah Chase

I was going to create a photo essay project about Holocaust survivors in the North Shore area.                                Danielle Towers

I was going to intern at a music production studio and work on recording an EP there.                                                    Quinton Eudy

I was going to focus on improving my own mental health through art.                                                                                  Bridget Boyle

I was supposed to intern for the Chicago Cubs.                                                                                                                               Avery Faulkner

I was going to teach kids how to play ping pong at a local gym.                                                                                               Noah Burfield

I was going to train myself to hike the Pacific Crest Trail for 200 miles.                                                                                Joshua Marksheid

I was going to work in the special education classroom at South School in Glencoe.                                                           Rachel Miller

I was going to work in the athletic department at Glenbrook South High School. I am interested in potentially becoming an athletic director, so I wanted to learn if it was something I would like to pursue.                                       Trevor Boehm

I was going to volunteer in the labor and delivery unity of a hospital.                                                                                     Tori Hardt

I was planning on starting my own local dog walking business. Learning how to advertise and budget myself accordingly.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Violet Ennis

I was going to rebuild an Olympic class boat working with some of the boatwrights for Tokyo 2020 (2021 now I guess), and my sponsor was an Olympic sailor.                                                                                                                           Garrett Cook

I was going to learn about bail reform with the help of someone who works with the bail project, an organization that helps pay bail for people with low level crimes.                                                                                                     Clara Beatty

My friend and I were going to write a pilot episode for an original TV show.                                                                       Avery Hirschfield

I was going to shadow physical therapists at Illinois Bone and Joint.                                                                                   Sabrina Dudra

I was going to explore culinarily styles of different countries. I would try new foods from different countries for a specific continent each week. Then each day, I would focus on one topic to write about regarding the food, so it would either be a piece on cultural diet, cultural similarities/differences, demographic, and more.     Alina Popatia

I was going to (and still am on my own time) write a full-length play.                                                                                     Erin Donohue

I was going to be working with Sheridan Road Magazine. Because that is mobile during quarantine I have been interning for them from my house! I write little blurbs for their magazine and edit the articles. Hopefully, when quarantine is over I will be going to some fashion shoots!                                                                               Jordan Simberg