Who’s on the ballot? Know who you’re voting for

US Senate Candidates:

Casey Chlebek (R)
Education: Bachelor’s Computer Science University of Illinois

Platform: more jobs; less national debt by hiring financial experts to review of all entitlement programs; schools should have 1-year and/ or 2 year job training programs for the most popular trades for quick entrance to job market; America should take in more immigrants than they already do; reduce military spending


Mark C. Curran JR. (R)

Education: JD IIT Chicago

Experience: Lake County sheriff from 2006 to 2018 and an Attorney General’s Gang Crime Bureau Chief and Senior Prosecutor at Lake County State’s Attorney and a Special assistant to the US Attorney Platform: Pro-life and Pro-liberty


Peggy Hubbard (R)

Experience: Navy Veteran
Platform: focus on improving services towards Veterans; wants to lower taxes; reduce size of government; defend the second amendment; secure border and large- scale network security; limit illegal immigration


Robert Marshall (R)

Education: MD Harvard Medical

Experience: US Air Force veteran

Platform: Pro-Life; Pro-wall; Pro- second Amendment right


Tom Tarter (R)

Education: Doctorate Oregon Health Sciences University

Platform: against single-payer system in healthcare; pro wall; more tax cuts; reduce national debt by cutting spending; wants to balance the budget.


Richard “Dick” Durbin (D)

Education: JD Georgetown

Experience: Illinois senator since 1997 and an Illinois representative in the House of Reps from 1983-1997

Past Accomplishments: reduced the price of prescription drugs; created more jobs for Illinois; introduced the Dream Act that helped lead to immigration reform


US House of Representatives- 9th district:

Sargis Sangari (R)
Education: Bachelors of Political Science DePaul University

Experience: CEO of Near East Center for Strategic Engagement and US Army Lieutenant Colonel


Janice D. Schakowsky (D)

Education: Bachelors in Elementary Education University of Illinois Experience: member of the US House of Representatives since 1998; was an Illinois Public action program director for nine years

Platform: wants affordable health care for all Americans; helped write and pass the Affordable Care Act; Senior Deputy Whip during her tenth term


Andrew Tarnasiwicz-Heldut (D)

Education: JD at John Marshall Law School
Experience: Associate Attorney for McGuire Law since 2019


Illinois House of Representatives District 18:

Robyn Gabel (D)
Education: Bachelors Beloit college Experience: Illinois General Assembly of the State Representatives since 2010


Illinois House of Representative- District 17

Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D)

Education: JD Loyola University

Experience: Board Member of Glenview Education Foundation; Founding member of Illinois Unaccompanied Children’s Task Force


Yesoe Yoon (R)

Education: Bachelor’s in Communication and Media at Northeastern Illinois

Experience: Anchor and Host of Global Leaders Network TV Program


Cook County Circuit Court Clerk

Barbara Bellar (R)

Education: JD John Marshall Law School

Experience: licensed Attorney; Veteran Major in the US Army Reserve


Richard Boykin (D)

Education: JD University of Dayton

Experience: 1st District Commissioner on the Cook County
Board of Commissioners since 2014


Michael Cabonargi (D)

Education: JD University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Experience: 2nd District Commissioner on the Cook County Board of Review since 2011


Iris Martinez (D)

Experience: Illinois State Senator in the Illinois 20th Legislative District since 2003


Jacob Meinster (D)

Experience: Law Clerk on the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Judiciary and Consumer Affairs


Cook County State Attorney Candidates

Patrick ‘Pat’ W. O’Brien (R)

Education: JD DePaul University

Experience: Cook County Circuit Court judge from 2006-2015; public attorney for Illinois Attorney General’s office

Platform: Believes criminal justice is not political, should be law based


Christopher EK Pfannkuche (R)

Education: JD Loyola University

Platform: Focus on repeat offenders to make community safer; Non- violent offenders should have ‘fresh start’


Bill Conway (D)

Education: JD Georgetown University Center

Experience: LT of the US Navy since 2012 and a Military Intelligence officer from 2017-2018; Assistant State’s Attorney in Cook County for 6 years


Bob Fioretti (D)

Education: JD Northern Illinois University

Experience: 2nd Ward Alderman at the Chicago City Council from 2007- 2015


Kim Foxx (D)

Education: JD Southern Illinois University

Experience: County State’s attorney since 2016; Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County from 2001-2013


Donna More (D)

Education: JD Georgetown University

Experience: Partner and President of several firms


Dan Patlak (R)

Education: Bachelor’s in Business Administration Valparaiso University Experience: incumbent; Cook County Board of Review Commissioner since 2010


Cook County Board of Review Commissioner 1st District

Abdelnasser Rashid (D)

Experience: Deputy Chief of Staff for Cook County Clerk David Orr; led passing legislation that helped seniors automatically apply for exemption


Tammy Wendt (D)

Education: JD John Marshall Law School

Experience: Assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County from 2000-2004


Metropolitan Water Reclamation Board Candidates (Pick 3)

Frank Avila (D)

Education: Master’s of Finance University of Arizona

Experience: Commissioner for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago since 2002.


Heather Boyle (D)

Education: Bachelor’s Harper College.

Experience: Owner and Project Manager at Sanitary and Storm Water and a part of Des Plaines Department of Public Works and Engineering


Mike Cashman (D)

Education: BA in History Northwestern University

Platform: focus on awareness through education on the environment


Eira Corral Sepulveda (D)

Experience: 10 years as municipal government as Clerk for the Village of Hanover Park

Platform: Climate resiliency; greater public awareness; engagement and trust


Cameron Davis (D)

Experience: Great Lakes Czar for President Barack Obama 2009-2017; President’s liaison to congress for Great Lakes; former litigator for National Wildlife Federation and Professor at University of Michigan Law School

Platform: goal is to reduce flooding


Deyon Dean (D)

Education: Bachelor’s of Business Administration Southern Illinois University

Experience: CEO and president of Olympian Security Situations Corporation; mayor of the Village of Riverdale from 2008-2013; Associate Director for the Illinois Department of Human Services


Kimberly Dubuclet (D)

Education: MBA University of Chicago

Experience: board member of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Board since 2018; Representative in the Illinois House of Representatives from 2011-2013


Patricia Flynn (D)
Experience: was a Director for Chicago Gaelic Park; spent time in the MWRD lab and as a Pollution Control Water Sampler


Michael Grace (D)

Education: Bachelor’s in Economics Marquette University

Experience: owner of Servpro Industries Inc.


Shundar Lin (D)

Experience: Board Member Illinois Pollution Control Board 2008-2010; retired sanitary engineer

Education: Doctorate Sanitary Engineering at Syracuse University Platform: focus on a balanced budget and keeping water clean