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Social media poses threat to mental health

Hannah Young

March 6

Filed under Examiner

Health teachers and students recognize that the use of social media, a seemingly frivolous form of entertainment, could have dangerous consequences, reaping more negative effects than positive on one’s mental health. Health...

Vine shut down due to Twitter’s financial issues

Tia Rotolo

December 7

Filed under Features

The once popular social media app, Vine, has “died.” The makers of Vine sold their six-second-video social media platform to Twitter back in 2012, prior to its launch. Twitter would become the parent company to Vine starting ...

Freshmen bring After School into the classroom

Maya Kowitt

November 3

Filed under News

In the age of social media, teenagers are swamped with new devices and platforms to express themselves. Too often the anonymity that social media provides creates an outlet for students to share things online they wouldn’t sa...

Staff Editorial

New Trier News Staff

November 2

Filed under Opinions/Editorials

Recently, the school has begun to crack down on VPN use to bypass the schools wifi restrictions. Students have noticed the crack down on VPN use and are frustrated with its interference in their daily life. However, the school’s...

Don’t go blocking my sites

Camille Baer, Opinion's Editor

November 6

Filed under Opinions/Editorials

Blocking social media is like blocking life. You can’t avoid it, and the harder you try, the more obvious its existence is. In the past when Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook were not blocked, I didn’t feel as much of an...

To stream or not to stream

Adam Sheffield, Sports Editor

October 16

Filed under Examiner

Let’s be honest here, when was the last time you actually bought a song or CD? The music-streaming industry is constantly changing, and iTunes is slowly becoming a thing of the past. While Apple Music, YouTube, and P...

New Trier Examiner

October 16

Filed under Examiner

... The dark side of the grid

Rachel Melancon, Sports Editor

October 16

Filed under Examiner has become a staple in the bio of countless Instagrams since the rise of its popularity over the summer. But is the website worth all the hype? I recently submitted to peer pressure and made...

[Wrinkly Face]book

Carly Travis, Opinion's Editor

October 16

Filed under Examiner

A day doesn’t go by where my mom doesn’t reference Facebook. “I used to have the biggest crush on Jimmy Gardner. He and I took Spanish together junior year.” “Priscilla Perotti and Ab Igram were the prom king and...

Websites unveiled by Kardashian klan

Camille Baer, Opinions Editor

October 7

Filed under Opinions/Editorials

On September 14, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardahsian, Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner collectively released their own websites/apps to which fans can subscribe. It’s amazing to see how far the Kardshian/Jenner family has come...

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