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Juliette Rechtin recording for Midnight Soup

Crank up ‘Midnight Soup’ and other New Trier radio shows at any hour

Erik Jaman, Features Editor October 4, 2021

New Trier Radio Co-President Juliette Rechtin embodies a therapeutic way not only to share unique music, but to express her complex personality through discovering the newest indie music with her show...

October 2021 crossword

October 2021 crossword

Casey Bertocchi, Managing Editor October 1, 2021

Canales, owner of Rebecca X Nails

Junior Rebecca Canales creates a Latina owned press-on nail business

Grace Yoon, Editor in Chief September 28, 2021

Junior Rebecca Canales has started to dip her toes in the entrepreneurial world with her press-on nail business, Rebecca X Nails, as a Latina entrepreneur.    Canales started her business Apr....

Student actors run through dress rehearsals before the premiere of Lagniappe

Lagniappe-Potpourri returns to auditoriums this year

Ana Torresarpi, Sports Editor September 28, 2021

 Last week the anticipated Lagniappe-Potpourri, a yearly Trevian variety show completely written and directed by students, opened to sold out audiences.  This year’s theme, “Look at us Now,”...

Cruz in Mexico for a family vacation

Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight

Grace Yoon, Editor in Chief September 24, 2021

New Trier is celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the culture, achievements, and history of the United States. In this...

Atlas Hollander, spending their free period working at the library, is among several non binary students who are interested in seeing continued change in New Trier

Adapting to the new age: staff and faculty to learn about gender binaries

Ana Torresarpi, Sports Editor September 20, 2021

Every student has had the experience of feeling stressed on the first days of school, but those feelings increase tenfold for trans and nonbinary students. That’s no different at New Trier.  Even...

Students celebrate at a New Trier pep rally, 2019

Student Council Changes Up Annual Rally

Charles Foster and Erik Jaman September 15, 2021

At New Trier, as with any high school, school spirit is important. Ideally, coming to school should be something to look forward to, something to be interested in. However, this year has been tough, and...

Wise, second from left. with three fellow EMTs in Bello Colombia

Junior spends six months working in Colombian Hospital

Ana Torresarpi, Sports Editor May 19, 2021

Throughout 2020, most people have been wary of travelling over the pandemic, too worried about catching or spreading the virus. These fears, however, didn’t  stop  junior AJ Wise from travelling to...

Day of Service allows alumni to work on passion projects

Said Aydin, Opinions Editor May 19, 2021

On April 17, more than 300 New Trier alumni came together from different ages and backgrounds, connected only by their school, to work on service projects that mattered to them and connect with their peers...

Teachers concerned over student cheating during pandemic

Charles Foster, Features Editor May 12, 2021

Under normal circumstances, cheating is hard to pull off, as teachers are ever vigilant and perfectly able to hit you with any number of punishments if they catch you. But we haven’t been living under...

Luka Schulmeyer (right) and Chip Finck (left) build a prosthetic arm during a Robotics Club Meeting

Robotics Club constructs prosthetic arm for child

Joey Murray, Sports Editor May 12, 2021

The New Trier Robotics Club has been building a prosthetic arm for a boy in need. The project has been run through eNABLE, an online community where volunteers can build prosthetic limbs for people in...

Since its beginnings on the black market, Bitcoin has risen in popularity and has been bought by wealthy eccentrics and day traders alike.

So just what is Bitcoin?

Charles Foster, Features Editor April 13, 2021

Recently, you may have heard of something called “Bitcoin”, or possibly “Cryptocurrency”. You may have heard a Wall Street investor warning against it, or perhaps an internet stranger praising...

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