Dancematch puts a modern spin on how students find dates

Joe Blackman, Co-Editor

September 20, 2013

There is always a distinct awkwardness that fills the air around homecoming season. Who will ask who and how will I ask become priorities in student’s lives. Four New Trier seniors wanted to solve a problem they found with...

Word Lens takes language translation to the next level

Lizzie Cohen, Online Editor

September 13, 2013

Disregard academic integrity for two seconds. Imagine staring down at a hopeless body of Spanish text you know has to be translated by next period. You turn on your smart phone and quickly open the application ‘Word Lens,’...

Applied Arts Department cooks up a new course

Marissa Rogina, Features Editor

September 13, 2013

This year, New Trier’s Applied Arts Department added a new course to its repertoire—International Food. This class has been popular, featuring four class sections this year. International Foods is different from the other...

Fifth Annual Greg Harris Film Festival celebrates talent

Tanya Kurepina

June 2, 2013

On May 2, New Trier launched its Fifth Annual Greg Harris Film Festival held at the Wilmette Theater, where students got a chance to showcase their very own films and receive awards in a variety of categories. Greg Harris came...

School year’s top five music moments

Logan Mounts

June 2, 2013

Whether it's a band reuniting, a scandalous drug arrest, or an unfortunate death, there are new stories appearing almost every hour with what's going on in the music universe. Here are the five biggest moments in music of the...