Addams Family debut

Addams Family debut

March 22, 2019

Spring break season means sun and college for NT

Megan Reimer, Staff Writer

March 22, 2019

Tan lines, beach waves, and sunshine are the three essential elements to the perfect spring break getaway, and for many students, spring break is a sweet release from the stress and worries of high school. According to Travel...

Leaking pipe causes issues in fieldhouse and gyms

Grant Feldman, Staff Reporter

March 8, 2019

Extreme cold weather in early February caused an underground pipe to leak, causing flooding in the fieldhouse and temporarily blocking Winnetka Road. As a result, several athletic teams and the sports medicine staff were unable...

Nine graduates to join Alumni Hall of Honor

by Simren Dadwani, Staff Reporter

March 8, 2019

On Mar. 14, the New Trier Alumni Achievement awards will be held, inducting nine graduates into the Alumni Hall of Honor. The following are this years alumni award recipients: Dr. Allan Conney Class of 1948 Conney (1930-2013)...

Clubs enjoy recent successes

Connor Caserio, Staff Reporter

March 8, 2019

Over the past few months, a number of clubs participated in important interscholastic competitions. While some won their events and others did not, they all did an admirable job of representing the school. Science Olympiad Science Olympiad won the...

Expanding the study-abroad experience to high school

Julia Nagel, Staff reporter

February 15, 2019

First semester of junior year has a notoriously challenging reputation. Difficult classes, preparing for the ACT/SAT, and starting discussions about the college process all contribute to a very hectic schedule. However, junior...

I’m more than just an: Asian stereotype

Sofia Papakos, Staff reporter

February 15, 2019

The role of stereotypes is prevalent in the high school scene. Aside from the typical nerds, jocks, popular girls who are portrayed in movies, NT’s culture exists on the more realistic spectrum. Junior Kaden Lee touched on...

Cold days called into question

Julia Nagel, Staff Reporter

February 8, 2019

Due to record-breaking wind chill temperatures as cold as -50 degrees Fahrenheit, Superintendent Paul Sally made the decision to close school on Wednesday, Jan. 30 and Thursday, Jan. 31. Sally said staff and student safety...