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Lunch goes from pressed panini to pre-made meals

New Trier's cafeteria pre- COVID.
Leah Schmidt, News Editor October 9, 2020

To ensure the safety of students the administration has had to change many aspects of food service by offering grab-and-go meals and implementing rules on where to eat and how to order.  Over the last...

Freshmen navigate high school’s challenges, remotely

Facing new challenges, the class of 2024 starts this year off at home instead of the Northfield campus
Caroline Bewley, News Editor October 2, 2020

Normally, the Northfield campus would now be filled with a thousand freshmen, anxiously trying to figure out the quickest way to get to the D building from the B building.  This year is different:...

Normalizing non-binary pronouns through Zoom

These pronoun pins, given out by health teacher Andy Milne, are another easy way to share your pronouns
Leah Schmidt, News Editor October 2, 2020

In an effort to share pronouns, many people have added their pronouns to social media sites, specifically advocating for inclusion in Zoom names.  Sharing pronouns has become increasingly more important...

Northbrook rally highlights stark divide

Biden and Trump voters proudly wave their flag at the Sep. 25 rally in Northbrook
Graham Ambrose, Features Editor October 2, 2020

A week after Glenbrook North junior Peter Christios and his friends were allegedly assaulted while displaying a “Trump 2020” flag, he organized a pro-Trump rally in Northbrook on Sept. 25.  The...

Staff hopes Ruvna screening app keeps virus in check

Ruvna's simple health screening questions one of several measures to help stop the spread
Leah Schmidt, News Editor October 2, 2020

New Trier recently started using Ruvna health screening for students and staff coming on-campus, which the administration believes, along with social distancing and masks, will help create a low-risk learning...

Enticement of in-person learning causes some students to switch schools

Roycemore School in Evanston has seen a rise in enrollment this year, possibly from students who want to be in person this fall
Casey Bertocchi, Sports Editor October 2, 2020

With the news that the school  would be starting the 2020-2021 school year all remote, some students decided that they would rather switch schools to learn in-person. New Trier’s reopening plan delays...

Local schools struggle to balance in-person learning and health

Loyola Academy students started the year with in-person learning. Along with, Rochelle Zell Jewish High School, they had to move to full remote within days of opening
Hannah Sussman, Co-Editor in Chief September 25, 2020

With the start of the academic year, most high schools in the area are learning to teach remotely, but some have traded in Zoom calls for plexiglass and masks, and reopened their schools. Lake Forest...

Students, staff hopeful but uncertain if school will meet equity goal

In light of the Black Lives Matter protests, New Trier released an updated equity plan for 2020
Mattea Carberry, Features Editor September 25, 2020

In light of the Black Lives Matter protests that have broken out across the nation, conversations around racism have ignited in nearly all spheres of society. Many businesses and institutions, including...

Supreme Court Justice and gender equality icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87

Ginsburg speaking at the Georgetown Law Center in 2017
Casey Bertocchi, Sports Editor September 25, 2020

When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday, Sept. 18 from pancreatic cancer, the news came harshly to many people. Ginsburg, who served on the Supreme Court for 27 years, was...

2020-2021 new schedule format causes confusion for students

New Trier's block schedule for the Winnetka campus
Casey Bertocchi, Sports Editor September 25, 2020

With New Trier switching to a block schedule for the 2019-2020 school year, many students have found issues with the placement and timing of their classes. At the start of the year, students reported...

Administration responds to Untold New Trier Instagram account

Over the summer, students sent their stories of discrimination to the Instagram account
Caroline Bewley, News Editor September 25, 2020

On June 24, a student, who wishes to remain anonymous for their safety, posted the first story to their new Untold New Trier Instagram, an account created to spotlight marginalized students experiences....

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