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Accidental lockdown leaves student body shocked

Hannah Sussman, Co-Editor in Chief November 15, 2019

At approximately 1:59 p.m. last Friday, the lockdown alarm rang through the Winnetka Campus alerting students that they needed to get to a classroom as quickly as possible. Unlike previous lockdown drills,...

Students outraged by earlier registration date for AP test

College Board CEO David Coleman
Caroline Bewley, News Editor November 15, 2019

Garnering mixed reactions from staff and students, the College Board has moved the Advanced Placement test registration deadline up months earlier and has added new fees to testing. Previously, students...

ACT to allow retakes for individual sections

Many New Trier students spend thousands of dollars on tutors, prep books, and multiple ACT sittings
Alex Rubinstein, News Editor November 1, 2019

Next September, students who want to improve their ACT scores will be able to retake a single section without having to repeat the whole test.  This will allow students to focus on one section without...

Students trying to quit: the aftermath of vaping deaths

The exact causes of vaping related illnesses are still unknown
Nadia Jaikaran, Features Editor October 30, 2019

The recent warnings about the health risks of vaping have convinced some New Trier students to quit. Several students, who asked to remain anonymous, said they quit for many reasons, including the health...

Lake Michigan at highest water level since 1986

Rising water levels have caused local beaches to shrink, such as Tower Beach in Winnetka
Grant Feldman, Features Editor October 18, 2019

Just six years after reaching its lowest point ever recorded, Lake Michigan has risen to its highest water levels since 1986, and local residents are feeling the effects. Lake Michigan is not the only...

Girls club receives no revenue from school dances

Alex Rubinstein, News Editor October 18, 2019

Every year, the money raised from homecoming ticket sales is given to Tri-ship for the boys scholarship fund. However, Girls Club does not receive money from any school dances, creating a disparity between...

NT reflects on impeachment

Julia Nagel, Co-Editor in Chief October 18, 2019

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump on Sept. 24, an action that students have been following closely. The inquiry will investigate the potential...

College Board replaces controversial adversity score with Landscape

Landscape looks at indicators such as school data
Katy Pickens, Co-Editor in Chief September 27, 2019

Months after the College Board announced its controversial SAT “adversity score,” the company cancelled the implementation of this feature amid criticism over its attempt to simplify obstacles students...

Student march draws attention to climate inaction

Students gathered downtown Friday in efforts to put pressure on lawmakers for climate reform
Hannah Sussman, Co-Editor in Chief September 27, 2019

At 9:52 am on Friday, Sep. 19, over 50 New Trier students boarded the Metra train and headed down to Chicago to participate in the Global Youth Climate Strike. With between 1,500 and 3,000 participants,...

New studies correlate vaping and respiratory illness

The sleek, colorful design of Juul pods has drawn criticism, as some believe it attracts teens to vaping
Alex Rubinstein, News Editor September 27, 2019

Vaping  has been linked to 8 deaths, including one in Illinois.  According to The Chicago Tribune, teenagers are being hospitalized due to lung diseases that directly resulted from vaping. The...

Girls on football team for first time in school history

Freshman Maeve Kelly is the first female linebacker and fullback for the freshman and sophomore team
Grant Feldman, Features Editor September 27, 2019

Freshman Maeve Kelly and Senior Amanda Lindholm are breaking boundaries as the first female football players in school history.  While they come from vastly different backgrounds, they share a passion...

Contaminated bins inhibit environmental efforts, recyclable material thrown away

Alex Rubinstein, News Editor September 20, 2019

As climate change has become a large focus in society, recycling has become more popular. At New Trier however, student participation in the recycling program is still lacking. Part of the issue is...

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