Welcome New Trier senior class of 2014

Take a deep breath guys. We made it. Finally. We survived the obnoxious ACTs, SATs, the Prairie State Exams (okay, so maybe that didn’t take as much effort, but still), all of the extra work our teachers gave, and of course, junior theme.
However, now that we have made it to rock bottom and back, it’s time for all of us to put on our big boy and girl pants and get with the program. After all, we have some pretty big shoes to fill thanks to the class of 2013.
For starters, the teachers practically worship the seniors ever since they left without pulling any senior pranks (so congrats seniors you are now all teachers’ pets). Probably the only time the class of 2013 was ever “out of line” might have been their last day when they showed up in “banned items” such as crazy hats and tutus—but we won’t count that.
Overall, the seniors were really awesome people. They were friendly and did not walk around as if they were better than anyone else. In class, teachers said they were thoughtful, enthusiastic, and got along with each other. Even through the last week they held on, still trying to give at least 50 percent in their classes. These hard workers can leave knowing they left their high school in good hands.
Principal Timothy Dohrer said, “I’m a big fan of 2013. They’re one of the best classes that I’ve worked with.” He added that the seniors respected the school, were very mature, and even invested in the New Trier motto.
Wow, seniors. Pat yourselves on the back. If you all didn’t believe me when I said you left a well-carved path for us to follow, you’ve got to believe Dohrer because, well, he’s Dr. Dohrer and pretty much everyone believes him.
The legacy you seniors—or should we call you “fresh meat” now—left will be hard to live up to. After all, the senior class of 2014 will be an interesting one.
2014ers, we have got to make up our minds. Are we going to continue to be “clicky” or can we pull it together and work as a team like our older peers did? I think we can. Put aside the judgment so we can all have a great year because really, who cares if that girl isn’t wearing the same barely-there outfit you are? She will probably go further than others with what she’s wearing anyways.
Let’s do our younger peers a favor and show them that we can work cohesively, despite our differences. I know we can. We did after the Names program freshman year, so why not do it this time for an entire year? It will be senior year. Let’s challenge ourselves and prove to everyone that the class of 2014 is the best class yet.
All we have to do is this: wear actual clothes (not underwear-length shorts), be respectful and responsible (even to peers and teachers we don’t like), work hard (no, it’s not “geeky” to work hard, it’s actually “geeky” to slack off), and most importantly, have some school spirit. Go to as many school events as possible because when we graduate in June of 2014, we’re not going to graduate with regrets.
My advice to the senior class of 2014: YOLO it because your only a senior once.