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Charitable traditions, a defining factor of New Trier

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New Trier is very much an institution of tradition. It has a rich history of excellence since its founding in 1901. To this day we still hold onto many traditions. For example, we still call field trips “excursions,” gym class “KW,” and spell adviser with an “e.”

Tradition has an important role in high schools and other institutions as it leaves an important foundation for generations to hold onto.

As a part of the many New Trier traditions recurring every year, the senior class comes together to put on the annual Winter Carnival. It’s a night filled with games and blow-up obstacle courses that raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

New Trier has been supporting Habitat for 17 years. Each year the senior class sponsors a home in the Chicagoland area and in the Philippines.  Each year the class, raises money, plans fundraising events and, helps build the house with their own hands in the spring.

Habitat for Humanity is a vital organization and raising money and lending human bodies to help build a house for someone represents the very values we stand for. The event not only helps an important organization, but it leaves a footprint at New Trier and gives back to the community.

The Winter Carnival is the pinnacle of New Trier Habitat fundraising and the highlight of many middle school and elementary school children’s year. The Carnival has been a annual event for 23 years. This day encourages seniors to interact with younger kids and also learn valuable lessons of working with others, planning and initiating a booth, and raising money for a good cause.

Winter Carnival is where the outgoing students of New Trier repay the community for everything they have done to make their high school experience a success. It is not just for the parents and teachers of New Trier, but for the kids that are the future of New Trier.

A culture of respect, community, and service outlined in our very school motto. This tradition doesn’t just serve as a fun day for seniors and kids alike, it is a sort of farewell to the community and a thank you. It is a time for students, parents, teachers, kids, and other community members to have fun and laugh.

  Traditions like the Winter Carnival are something vital to the culture of New Trier. Even if we do have a dictionary full of weird high school terminology, these are traditions that are unique to our school and are what make New Trier, New Trier.

The Winter Carnival wasn’t a burden to anyone’s Friday night plans, it was their Friday night plans.

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The student news site of New Trier High School.
Charitable traditions, a defining factor of New Trier