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The Bieber Complex

Sam Blanc

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Let the record reflect that I do not intend to pressure anyone into buying any of Justin Bieber’s music, nor do I want you to become a die-hard fan.
I myself own only one Justin Bieber song, the result of a middle school faux pas wherein I attempted to impress my peers with a music taste I did not have.

His modern music, in my opinion, isn’t necessarily bad. I see the merit of simple, danceable songs, making up for lyrical inadequacies with upbeat rhythms perfect for a stuck-in-traffic jam session with the squad.

At the same time, have any opinion you want of it. Rock out, cover your ears, whatever makes you happy.

So while Bieber Fever remains in full swing among some, the opposite feeling seems to have become even more prevalent. The unreserved hatred of Justin Bieber as well as other celebrities has become out of control.

As a proud member of the New Trier News opinions page, I am all for speaking your mind and getting your point of view out there.

“Justin Bieber’s songs are too heavily affected for my taste” or

“I just don’t see the depth in his lyrics that I generally seek in my music” or

“I don’t like his new haircut”

Those are all completely valid opinions to have. There is one opinion of “The Biebs,” however, that makes me angry for no particularly good reason and that is the proclamation that “I hate Justin Bieber.”

I’ve heard this just about everywhere from almost every demographic. I know six year olds who say it solely because they know it’s not ‘cool’ to like him.

Teenage boys may say it to feel even slightly more secure in their masculinity. Teenage girls say it out of fear that anything less than detestation makes them ‘basic.’

But where I drew the line was at my aunt Sue’s sixty-something boyfriend proclaiming that Bieber deserves to be killed.

That’s an adult man sentencing a 20-something to death, and for what? Peeing in a bucket and making music he didn’t like?

Of course I can only speak for myself, but I just don’t know Justin Bieber well enough to hate him as a person, and you–probably a high-school student from Winnetka, Illinois–more than likely don’t know him any better.

He’s done stupid stuff for sure. Peeing in buckets, mouthing off to fans, even more serious offences like DUI, but it’s important to remember that he’s just a stupid 22-year old kid. Lots of guys his age do stupid stuff, and I doubt too many others’ have to deal with not only punishment by the law, but petitions to deport him back to Canada.

Honestly, I feel kind of bad for him. While I’m sure he’s had some very interesting conversations with fans, most of what I’ve seen of interactions from YouTube and TV segments is just screaming and crying.

It’s not their fault either; he’s something of an idol to them, but I think, even if it is with good intentions, being met with constant screaming and crying would become pretty tedious pretty quickly.

Maybe even after all this, you’re still brimming with hatred. 

Maybe you tell all your friends you wish he would die. Maybe you take to twitter and instagram @-ing him with apoplectic fury.

But just remember, Bieber is probably soaking up the sun in some tropical location, or playing to huge arenas of adoring fans, all with his net worth of $200 million dollars. i.e. 140 characters from a north shore teen probably has little effect on his confidence.

You know who it might affect, though? Your fellow students. When someone feels passionate about something–whether that be the presidential election, pineapple on pizza, or Justin Bieber–it’s hard to hear that thing bad mouthed, especially when the criticism is a blanket statement with no explanation.

Nothing hampers a good debate like the exclamation that one person is not only wrong, but stupid for believing their own subjective side of the argument.

And no one should think less of themselves over something as petty as a Justin Bieber argument.

So whatever your opinion, don’t hate. Trust me, Justin Bieber does not care. The only people you’re hurting are your peers, shaming them for something they like. And everyone should have the freedom to feel comfortable expressing their love for any song or artist or passion.

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The Bieber Complex