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Security overload

Bella Geroulis

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I’m not one to gloat about New Trier students, or to say that we’re the best at everything. We have our flaws, and we have many of them.

Though we have our issues, there’s no doubt that Trevians are involved, they’re outgoing, they’re always looking for something to excite them.

To most, those sound like pretty good attributes to have in the real world. To the security and staff at the United Center however, the New Trier student body might as well have had a target on their backs.

This past weekend, New Trier Green hockey took the United Center by storm and claimed the State Championship title for the second year in a row.

Thousands of fans made the trek down to the United Center to watch New Trier Green and Providence fight for the state title.

Both teams had spectators filling up the stands to support their school and cheer their boys in green. The only difference was that one team’s fan base had it coming for them.

Now, I know New Trier doesn’t have the best reputation. We’re rowdy, and sometimes we forget to censor ourselves to adapt to our surroundings.

And in that regard, I can understand why the staff working at the United Center last Friday night might have wanted to have a watchful eye on us.

But it seems to me the security guards just took it too far. From trash talking our establishment  to physically manhandling students, it seemed excessive for a simple high school hockey game.

It probably seems over dramatic: an affluent, mostly Caucasian school complaining about people of authority asserting power over us.

Maybe this was just our first heightened taste of what so many people throughout the country experience all the time.

But as I was in our section, constantly being watched by a tall, brooding man and unable to get to the bathroom, I couldn’t help but feel enraged.

I saw students being physically thrown out of the venue for cheering, being pushed and shoved by security, and even being called derogatory names to their face.

After the fact, I heard through the grapevine that the security watching the Providence student section let them roam throughout the arena freely.

It would have been an understandable situation if the New Trier student section was out of control, and I would have understood and respected their enforcement of rules that were out of their control.

Now don’t get me wrong, nothing can hinder the pure euphoria of watching NTG dominate on the ice.

It was a great night from start to finish, and very few times during my four years at New Trier have I felt such unity and sportsmanship among the student body.

But the security staff complete lack of respect and their complete abuse of authority somewhat tainted  the experience for me.

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Security overload