Administration removes photo from gallery

Claudia Levens

March 23, 2018

After the administration removed a photo intended for display in the New Trier Art Gallery from the selection of pieces for the January show, questions surrounding the complicated situation propagated discussion about the rol...

Stop coddling students

Arjun Thakkar

March 23, 2018

“Commit minds to inquiry.” The first part of New Trier’s mission statement. It suggests that we as students should dedicate ourselves to the never ending quest for understanding, the search for knowledge, and the pursuit o...

Don’t go blocking my sites

Camille Baer, Opinion's Editor

November 6, 2015

Blocking social media is like blocking life. You can’t avoid it, and the harder you try, the more obvious its existence is. In the past when Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook were not blocked, I didn’t feel as much of an...

Spring construction to cause “minimal chaos”

Camille Baer

February 23, 2015

Incoming sophomores and upperclassmen feel apprehensive about the construction beginning in early April this year. According to several art teachers and administrators, the referendum will not change much to the building outside...

New Trier state of mind

Lydia Wuorinen

September 29, 2014

Our high school has its own atmosphere. And while easily apparent to newcomers, the effects of New Trier are often lost on its own students. It took a trip to Northwestern University (NU) for me to realize this. Over the...

NT students suspended for drinking at football game

Katherine Rhea

September 29, 2014

Five students were suspended Friday, Sept. 5 after a New Trier football game due to underage drinking on school property. The students were suspended for three days. "The suspension impacted me because I’ve never been in any ...

Retirees leave for new destinations

Sam Rakestraw

May 22, 2013

As seniors prepare to leave New Trier, 23 members of the staff and faculty prepare to leave as well. Special Ed Eligibility Coordinator Marion Platt has decided to retire after a 40-year career in academics, 10 of which were...

Bomb threat hits NT

April 9, 2013

Ben Stiller showed the world in “Meet the Parents” why you cannot say “bomb” on an airplane. Although the movie scene is humorous, the idea behind it is more relevant today than it was in 2000, when the film was released. After...

SA bridges student-administration gap

Joe Blackman

December 3, 2012

Even though most of NT’s student body could not vote in this past national Election Day, there is still a way for Trevians to be involved in government. New Trier’s student government organization, Student Alliance, is...

School administration’s “hazing” policy is overzealous

Staff Editorial

October 18, 2012

In the wake of incidents both here and at Maine West High School, Miss Anne James-Noonan, the performing arts coordinator, sent out an email to parents describing appropriate and inappropriate behavior for sports and extracurricular...