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College is scary

Bella Geroulis

April 13, 2017

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This past Tuesday morning, the whole senior class gathered in the Gaffney to listen to attorney C.L Lindsay speak about legal issues many college students face whilst away at school. Lindsay covered a plethora of issues, ranging f...

Balancing on the edge of effort

Sam Blanc

April 13, 2017

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This is really hard for me to admit, but I have a problem. I’ve been struggling for a while, but it’s really progressed in high school and, honestly, it’s scaring me a little. Well, here goes: I’m addicted to...doing...

Gap Year Fair gives students alternative options

Mimi Cassato

February 8, 2017

Filed under Features

The annual Gap Fair took place on Jan. 28 at New Trier High School giving seniors the chance to explore alternative post high school plans. For students like Mia Solberg, Colin Richards, and Sophie Chevalier, taking a gap year...

Athletes can benefit from early commitment

Jessi Zook

November 3, 2016

Filed under Sports

For high school seniors, first semester can be filled with a flurry of applications, college visits, and ACTs, yet many athletes have already committed to their schools of choice. Does this short college application process see...

Coping with and crushing mid-year stress

Max Minogue, Opinions Editor

November 2, 2016

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High school is stressful. If you’re a senior, you’re currently drowning in college everything: the uncertainty, the applications, and dealing with every single person in the world feeling obliged to know the intimate details...

Life lessons learned from Mariano’s

Max Minogue, Opinion's writer

October 8, 2016

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With the start of the new school year, it’s officially my one-year anniversary. One year ago, a smaller version of myself walked into a neighborhood corporate grocery store and asked for a job. One year later, I still find my...

Why do people act like staying in the Midwest for college should be avoided?

Marie O'Connor, Opinion's writer

October 8, 2016

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Small talk as a senior is something to avoid at all costs. This is because when conversation slows and you strain for topics to casually chat about, undoubtedly the topic of college will come up. I’ve already had to talk about my co...

ROTC’s benefits attract student interest

Tia Rotolo

October 5, 2016

Filed under News

For seniors deciding post high school plans, ROTC offers a unique college experience with benefits and an opportunity to honor one’s country. According to senior Jack Kempf “ROTC is a commissioning program for all branches...

Recruits take next step in athletic careers

by Connor Josellis and Georgia Caras, Staff Reporter

May 16, 2016

Filed under Sports

Among the 1000 students approaching graduation, a select few plan to take their athleticism to the next level and play their respective high school sport in college. According to athletic director, Randy Oberembt, around 65 athletes...

Students seek adventure through international universities

by Max Minogue and Kate Holly, Staff Reporter

May 16, 2016

Filed under News

Going to college away from home is already a life change, so it takes a special kind of student to push it a step further and attend an international college or university. For many students, going to a school outside the United...

Legacy gives you undeserved leg up

Georgia Caras, Staff Reporter

April 15, 2016

Filed under Opinions/Editorials

No matter which college someone is applying to, they should not be able to get in off of their parent’s connections. It is no secret that New Trier is home to a bounty of affluent and successful families. It is also no s...

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