Frosh-soph musical brings on discussions about race

Hannah Sussman, Staff reporter

November 30, 2018

This year’s freshman-sophomore musical “Bring It On” premieres Dec. 3, carrying with it complex conversations of opportunity that stem from race and economic stability. “Bring It On” revolves around head cheerleader,...

Freshmen need their own campus

Staff Editorial

December 8, 2017

All students can attest to the hallmark experience of attending New Trier West as freshmen, then transitioning to New Trier East for the remaining three years of high school. We can also agree that the separation of freshmen and...

The barrier is more than physical between campuses

Layla Saqibuddin

December 8, 2017

Freshmen Aahil Keshwani, one of fifteen freshmen on the ultimate frisbee team believes that the upperclassmen help create the team environment. The opportunity to work with sophomores, juniors and seniors is a huge advantage. “When...

6 Types of Roommates to Fear Freshman Year

Carly Travis, Opinion Editor

June 5, 2015

Living with others is hard. As we advance to adulthood, we acquire certain tastes that don’t match our parents. Bathroom time is no longer ten minutes, but, rather, an inconsistent 30, depending on the weather. As college ...

Dear Future Freshmen

May 21, 2015

Here I am, writing this article at 9 p.m. after the annual journalism banquet. I’ve sat in Hackneys three years in a row, and yet, I still haven’t learned the effects of procrastination. I could write a book: “Leah’s...