Chill out on your illegal activities

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So, it’s Friday and you’re all probably in advisory with this golden piece of literature in one hand a bagel in the other, enjoying the calm before the storm of your hectic school day. I doughnut doubt (get it?) that this Friday advisory breakfast ritual is the place where you want to hear Leah preaching about her philosophies on life and what not.

However, as the new writer of this column, it is my duty to express my feelings as eccentric as they may be. And trust me, they are. It is a great gig — I know — I am surprised I haven’t been kicked off the newspaper staff, too.

Seniors out there, this message is for you: stop doing your work. Put down the pencil. Do not finish your annotations for AP Lit, and definitely stop raising your hand before you speak in class.

This is our last year before college. Don’t try too hard. You’ll stress yourself out and won’t have the time or energy to party on the weekends, which is vital for a worthy high school experience, obviously. #NTGreenTeam.

If you have already given up your summer mentality, I want to see you go out there and grab it right back. Forget “second semester seniors,” we need to stand our ground, portray dominance, and maintain our hierarchy in the school early on. #NTGreenTeam. Let’s make the most of our senior year. #NTGreenTeam.

Who cares about grades senior year, anyway? My friend’s sister’s college room mate said colleges definitely don’t. If that isn’t enough evidence for you, I can’t come up with more, after all I am a senior and I’m half sure the newspaper is an elective. I’ll have another editor fact check me on that.

You’re about to get confused if you actually read the above paragraph because I am getting down to the harsh reality of my opinion on the above stereotype. Suggestion: if you just took a really good bite out of a Cinnamon Crunch bagel from Panera and are simply living in bliss, don’t read on.

With recent events regarding certain students getting drunk at a recent football game, it has come to my attention that the way my generation perceives fun is almost always negative. Can we not enjoy a school football game, or embrace school spirit, without alcohol?

As we begin to seriously get into school mode — which I think most of you have, I just might be in denial—seniors will start their typical shenanigans to embrace their superiority in the school.

This is the end of an era, and nothing is more primal than happiness and celebration. Without beating around the bush, this celebration may and does quite often include the use of drugs and alcohol.

However, senior year is not the time for fuzzy, wild, underage drinking-filled parties (or football games).

This, in my under-qualified opinion, is not the way to spend senior year. I get it; we are all looking to feel alive after these three stress riddled, almost zombie-like years. I am not here to pass judgment. I understand the urge to “YOLO, get cray, and not think about it.” Or whatever these kids say these days.

This doesn’t sound to me, though, anything like living. How can you truly live without thinking?

That is almost the opposite of the objective. And if you are going crazy and partying all the days of senior year, you may leave high school with lots of entertaining, maybe hazy, memories. But you will remember this place like you left it, as a joke. Ask yourself: is this truly a good high school experience?

We are students at an academically rigorous high school, but even more we are teenagers in our senior year. I am not condoning long nights of studying, as this is unhealthy, too. I am also not down-playing senior year; it is definitely the time for celebration. I am one for a good time socializing with friends, but what I’m gonna need you to do is cool down the illegal activities.

You are not just a student with hours of homework, and you are also not just a partying teenager with no goals. Find a balance class of 2015; I believe in you.


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