Seniors making h15tory

I didn’t realize how different it would feel being a senior until I actually was one.

I’ve got to be honest, in my previous years here at New Trier, I never felt like the senior class really bonded as a whole. This year though, I feel that everything has changed for the better.

Everyone has heard of the Green Team, but the purpose of this group has been completely transformed. Past classes have used it to define the “top tier” of popular students at New Trier. I mean, it was basically like an elite society: high school version.

This year, the importance of the group has finally been uncovered, and that’s school spirit. Sure, it has always been a group of spirited seniors who show up to all the sporting events, but has the group ever been as big as five hundred students? I don’t think so. Last year, I didn’t go to one football game. This year, I can’t imagine missing one.

There was so much hype around the first game, and it was so fun to see all the seniors dressed up and full of positive energy. The game was really crowded, and the student section was completely full.

I have never been the type to participate in “Trevian Gear Fridays”, but this year, I just said to myself… “Why not?” It’s my senior year; I might as well make the best of it.

I think that everyone else has the same mindset too. I love seeing all the senior students walking down the hallways, saying hi to people they don’t really know, and even promoting the many sports events that are going on after school.

I guess everyone is beginning to realize that this is it. It’s our last year together, and chances are, we won’t see many of these people ever again.

It’s kind of sad knowing that I haven’t even met some of the people in my own graduating class. I have heard New Trier alumni say that senior year can be the best year, mainly because everyone is more open to meeting new people and talking with other students outside their own social group.

It definitely is hard to step out of your comfort zone, but let’s just say it’s practice for next year.

If only our class started this spirit up freshman year, New Trier culture could have been so different.

I’m not saying that the culture was bad before, I just wish I had the experience of our class coming together before this year. I know some say that at the football games, freshman can’t stand in the student section because it is a privilege that has to be earned, but this concept is just ridiculous.

Although I feel that we have bonded as a class, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have come together as a school. For all the current seniors, welcoming the other grades with open arms will help promote Trevian spirit from the beginning and is only going to make this year better. I mean really, what’s school spirit without the whole school, and yes, that includes freshman.

I can’t wait for the rest of the year and hope that the senior class keeps up this positive energy. Our time is running out, so let’s make this year better than ever before.