Tinder is on the rise

Anna Ferguson, New's Editor

April 1, 2016

Since Tinder’s launch in 2012, dating apps have become immensely popular, with Tinder alone garnering over 1.6 billion users, a small portion of which are New Trier students. More and more, New Trier students have started usi...


Rachel Melancon, Sport's Editor

April 1, 2016

Many New Trier students have ditched the idea of dating, replacing it with a less formal hook up relationship-- a booty call. According to one senior, a booty call is when you text a boy or girl late at night to hookup. A person...

Netflix and chill

Adam Sheffield, Sports Editor

April 1, 2016

In recent years, Netflix has become not just a glorified time waster, but instead, a new relationship maker. The phrase “Netflix and chill” was not used until a tweet in 2009 from the user NofaceNina, which said, “I’...

Cheating: justified?

April 1, 2016

“Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater….,” an old refrain we’ve heard since childhood is still relevant to this day. In childhood, cheating in a card game might’ve brought shame from your friends. Now, cheating on a significant...

Students seek updated sex ed

Carina Brendl and Anastasia Maragos, Staff Reporter

April 1, 2016

Taking sex education is an experience all New Trier students have in common, and while sophomores might not be ecstatic about taking it, older students tend to have a more reflective perspective on it. The curriculum encourages students ...

A live collaboration from the fourth floor

Feature's Editor, Michael Blickstein

December 4, 2015

New Trier has a vibrant music scene – a building full of artists and musicians that rivals some small cities. Seniors David Snower and Mandy Watson are part of this scene, and they love it. The duo started playing together...

Written, directed, filmed and composed by…

Carly Travis, Opinion's Editor

December 4, 2015

At New Trier, we’re surrounded by raw talent. There’s kids inventing apps, releasing EP’s, and even launching their own clothing lines, yet you would never know it; these modest students could be sitting right next to you....