Lindsey Burns and Maya Kowitt

January 19, 2017

New Trier Green defeats Loyola at quad header New trier hockey battled Loyola in a quad header on Nov. 19. Though Loyola beat the white, blue and girls teams, New Trier Green pulled a major win. Adorned in Christmas sweaters, Se...


Joe Borushek

January 19, 2017

Bob Dylan first to receive Nobel Prize for songwriting Folk music legend Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature for his songwriting about love, war, and philosophy. Violent Clowns inspire terror nationwide The nati...


Jessi Zook

January 19, 2017

New Tom Hanks film captivates fans One of September’s most popular new movies had to be “Sully”.  The inspirational story follows Captain Chelsea “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) who has to make an emergency landing...


Tia Rotolo

January 19, 2017

This year was the 31st annual Summer Olympics. Held in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympics hosted annual games to bring together countries in the name of sport. The Olympics brought together nearly 11,000 athletes from 206 different...


Charlie Burton

January 18, 2017

Trump and Clinton elected as 2016 presidential nominees To the surprise of many, on July 21st, Donald trump was officially selected as the republican nominee. Hillary Clinton became the first women to be nominated as a pres...


Emily Challenger and Cammy Wray

January 18, 2017

Britain has left the EU On June 23, 2016 British citizen voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. The leave vote won by 52% to 48%. Preceding the vote, people of all nations were waiting expectantly for the results....


Hannah Young

January 18, 2017

Americans mourn loss of Harambe On May 28 2016, at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Harambe, a Western Iowland gorilla and the face of countless memes that continue to swarm the Internet, was shot by a zoo worker. A...


Emily Wong and Helen Fagan

January 18, 2017

Day of Silence Students and staff members observed an annual event in which they showed their support for LGBT rights by going through the school day without speaking. This act symbolizes how individuals in the LGBTQ community ha...


Marie O’Connor and Max Minogue

January 18, 2017

Bombings in Brussels, Belgium leave 300 injured On the morning of March 22, three coordinated suicide bombings occurred in Brussels, Belgium, with a fourth bomb found undetonated. The attacks left 32 civilians dead along with thre...


Helen Fagan

January 18, 2017

On Feb. 1, the Democratic and Republican Iowa caucuses took place. Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Hillary Clinton won their respective parties. On Feb. 9, The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl 24-1...

The snow was not the only thing too white in January

Sam Blanc

January 18, 2017

When the 2016 Oscar nominees were announced, the nation was surprised to find that every actor or actress in the top four categories was white. This being the second year in a row, tension over diversity and Hollywood white washing...


Sam Blanc

January 18, 2017

Born Feb. 21, 1946, in London, Alan Rickman showed an early penchant for the performing arts.  He earned a Tony nomination as the star of 1988’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses, then came to American consciousness as terrorist Hans Gruber in...