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Your indoor and outdoor guide to an adventurous summer ‘24

Here are a few simple-yet-fun ideas to make your 2-month break a bit less stressful
Some of the beautiful views open to you this summer

With less than a month left before summer break (and even sooner for seniors), it probably feels pretty overwhelming to stare at the plethora of weeks we have in our hands. If finding things to do for summer 2024 is anxiety inducing, exciting, or anything in between, read on for suggestions on how to have the most enjoyable summer ever!


Weather in the Windy City and its surrounding suburbs is heavily unpredictable. Thunderstorms and cold weather often prevent us from going out and planning activities; however, this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the great indoors. Here are some potential entertaining and creative activities to do indoors.

  1. Cooking or baking:

Not only does making food produce a delicious result, but you can also do this with friends, family, or by yourself. Here are some places to get delicious recipes:

  1. Home renovations and updates:

Putting up some fun wallpaper or changing the paint color can drastically change the vibe your room gives, especially if you want a summer theme to last year-round. Imagine what cool light fixtures or shelves could be added! What better way to spend a rainy summer day than covered in paint? Plus, you’ll have something to brag about when you come back to school.

  1. Build a pillow fort:

Pillow forts are versatile and could have so many uses, from a book nook to a hiding place. Build one that stretches the size of a large or small room, and you could even turn it into a movie theater or a place to play board games.


With a vast amount of things to do, being outdoors during the summer adds so much fun to your day. The weather is always beautiful somewhere. And, if you plan to make a photo album of your summer, go vintage and bring a disposable camera for you and your friends!

  1. Find a nature trail:

Hiking is a classic adventure for anyone. Whether you decide to hike the trails or bike or run, the views are always majestic, and you get good exercise with your friends and family. Nearby or far away, a good nature trail never disappoints.

  1. Go swimming:

A perfect solution to the harsh summer heat is jumping in the lake, ocean, or pool to cool off. For those not into sand, local and road trip-worthy water parks and pools provide just as much as, and sometimes even more, fun than the beach. Nothing beats sunsets and sunrises at the beach!

  1. Eat good food:

Nothing beats eating delicious food after swimming in the ocean for hours, am I right? Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, summer is the best time to branch out and try new foods with your friends. 

When there’s no school and beautiful weather, the opportunities for new memories with friends, family, or just you are very open ended. Always remember that you have the ability to make this upcoming summer the best one yet, and it is entirely up to you how you choose to make that happen.

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