Accidental lockdown leaves student body shocked

Hannah Sussman, News Editor

November 15, 2019

At approximately 1:59 p.m. last Friday, the lockdown alarm rang through the Winnetka Campus alerting students that they needed to get to a classroom as quickly as possible. Unlike previous lockdown drills, this alarm sounded during...

ACT to allow retakes for individual sections

Alex Rubinstein, News Editor

November 1, 2019

Next September, students who want to improve their ACT scores will be able to retake a single section without having to repeat the whole test.  This will allow students to focus on one section without having to worry about ...

Girls club receives no revenue from school dances

Alex Rubinstein, News Editor

October 18, 2019

Every year, the money raised from homecoming ticket sales is given to Tri-ship for the boys scholarship fund. However, Girls Club does not receive money from any school dances, creating a disparity between the size of the girls...

NT reflects on impeachment

Julia Nagel, Editor in Chief

October 18, 2019

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump on Sept. 24, an action that students have been following closely. The inquiry will investigate the potential constitutional vi...

Contaminated bins inhibit environmental efforts, recyclable material thrown away

Alex Rubinstein, News Editor

September 20, 2019

As climate change has become a large focus in society, recycling has become more popular. At New Trier however, student participation in the recycling program is still lacking. Part of the issue is that students throw their...