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Hall of Honor inducts Second Class

Five former NT coaches are honored in the second round of inductees
Michael Howie, Staff Reporter February 7, 2020

On Jan. 24, the Athletic Department inducted the second class of former New Trier faculty into the Hall of Honor. Between the Girls and Boys Basketball games against Evanston, five more distinguished...

North Shore Car Theft

Grace Yoon, Staff Reporter February 7, 2020

Even with public service announcements warning local residents of car burglaries, many can’t seem to learn to lock their cars. According to Wilmette Police Commander Michael McGarry, North...

NT students are trash at picking up their trash

The wooden stairs in the scrounge are covered with trash every day, despite the school’s anti-littering efforts
Casey Bertocchi, Sports Editor January 17, 2020

Throughout the school, students are leaving their trash out instead of throwing it away. This renders many common spaces nearly unusable when they are covered in other people’s trash. Physical...

Evanston approves a city-wide reparations program

Subcommittee chair Ald. Simmons spearheaded the reparation efforts
Julia Nagel, Co-Editor in Chief January 17, 2020

On Nov. 25, Evanston made history as the first city in the U.S. to enact a reparations program. The City Council voted 8 to 1 to implement a 3 percent tax on recreational marijuana sold in Evanston,...

New security measures implemented after accidental lockdown

The system allows teachers to quickly activate a lockdown
Alex Rubinstein, News Editor December 20, 2019

After the Nov. 8 lockdown, the administration made changes to keep the school and its students safer. NT has been looking for a solution so that students will never be in a classroom during...

Students go gold for pediatric cancer at GBS game

A t-shirt sale before the game raised money for Cal’s Angles
Mary Elizabeth Parks, Staff Reporter December 20, 2019

On Oct. 18, senior Olivia Sergot looked up from the grass of the footballfieldandintoaseaofgold. The student section was full of kids cheering proudly for their football team, wearing the gold...

New building paves the way with sustainability efforts

Art classrooms on the fourth floor have abundant natural light
Michael Howie, Staff Reporter December 20, 2019

The West Wing at the Winnetka Campus has created new spaces for students to thrive, and its carbon footprint has managed to remain remarkably low despite such an expensive project. The building,...

Affintity and support groups create communities for students

Skittles is one of the many affinity groups at NT. This particular group is for LGBTQ+ identifiying youth
Quentin Reeb, Features Editor December 13, 2019

New Trier created spaces called affinity and social work support groups to assist New Trier’s widely outnumbered marginalized populations. Affinity groups and social work support groups are...

Minorities respond to N-word presentations

Mattea Carberry, Features Editor December 13, 2019

The N-word presentations in advisery were focused on addressing discriminatory words and actions di- rected against the black community within the school and beyond. But there are other races...

Greenhouse to be constructed in honor of Sofi Troglia

Final construction subject to change. The New Trier Educational Foundation plans to begin construction this summer.
Hope Talbot, News Editor December 13, 2019

On Oct. 21, members of the Board of Education approved the construction of a greenhouse on one of the school’s rooftop spaces. The greenhouse is a partnership with the...

For students, N-word presentation fell short

For students, N-word presentation fell short
Julia Nagel, Co-Editor in Chief December 6, 2019

Though students and staff appreciated the aim of last month’s N-word discussion, the presentation garnered mixed reviews on its length, setting, topics covered, and adviser execution. The...

Trustees decide pot doesn’t align with Glencoe values

IL legalizes marijuana Jan. 1 but Glencoe pushes back
Alex Rubinstein, News Editor December 6, 2019

The Glencoe Board of Trustees voted unanimously against putting a marijuana dispensary in Glencoe on Nov. 21. Illinois passed a change to the state law legalizing marijuana on Jan. 1, 2020....

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