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Why the October SAT should not have happened

Students gather around the front entrance of the school waiting to be let in for the Oct. 14 SAT
October 23, 2020

On Oct. 14, as seniors poured into school to take the SAT, they were required to wear a mask and have their Ruvna codes scanned at the door.  Despite precautions put in place by the school, the test...

Classes, college applications and pandemic too much for seniors

Seniors struggle to balance the pressures of college applications, course work and extracurriculars while in the midst of coronavirus
Leah Schmidt, News Editor October 23, 2020

I’m here to write what almost every senior is thinking: Applying to college sucks. Sure, there's that small light at the end of the tunnel your parents call ‘independence’, but with it comes paperwork...

The Elephant in the Room

We need to start talking about why we're so white
Eva Roytburg, Opinions Editor & Managing Online Editor October 23, 2020

The North Shore has had a summer of racial reckoning. Protests, marches, and chalk-outs have been organized across the suburbs in support of Black Lives Matter. New Trier has begun to re-evaluate the diversity...

Mental health education will help keep our students safe

Mental health education will help keep our students safe
October 9, 2020

We're disappointed to say that we've learned more about mental illnesses from TikTok than in our 13 years of school. We don’t think we're alone in this. Teens have been sharing their struggles with mental...

Mental illness isn’t a trend

TikTok did not take down a viral video of man committing suicide, later attributing the video's spread to a dark web raid effort
Mattea Carberry, Features Editor October 9, 2020

**TRIGGER WARNING: mentions suicide** On Aug. 31, a video of army veteran Ronnie McNutt taking his life was live streamed on Facebook. Despite people reporting the footage, the social media platform initially...

The vital importance of exercising your right to vote

Connor Caserio, Opinions Editor October 9, 2020

The Democratic Party dominates Illinois politics. Both U.S. Senators are Democrats, and Democrats hold thirteen of eighteen congressional seats. On the state level, Democrats control a so-called government...

Realistic Advice for Social Distancing with Your Friends

There are ways to be with your friends and still stay safe
Eva Roytburg, Opinions Editor & Managing Online Editor October 2, 2020

Okay, time for some real-talk. Many students have abandoned social distancing guidelines with their friends. Instagram and Snapchat posts of indoor, mask-less, crowded parties can be seen most weekends....

Just more madness?

The school will prioritize equity with its 2030 strategic plan
Mattea Carberry, Features Editor October 2, 2020

Cook County has the third highest confirmed COVID-19 cases (145,462) and fourth highest COVID-related deaths (5,225) out of all the counties in the country as of Sept. 30.  With these numbers in mind,...

How COVID-19 and internet addiction intertwine

TikTok is one of the Apps adding to the surge of addictions to social media and the internet
Connor Caserio, Opinions Editor October 2, 2020

One minute, I’m checking Wikipedia to see where a random actor went to college and  then, before I know it, I’m three hours in and am watching a bizarre YouTube video of someone silently slurping...

“Just get started on that essay”: Why you procrastinate on writing and how to stop

A Macbook keyboard's backlighting stands out compared to dark, nighttime surroundings.
Connor Caserio, Opinions Editor October 2, 2020

It is a stomach-churning race against the clock. Each second matters, as I furiously pound my drained fingers into the keyboard. There’s no space to think about anything other than the task at hand—only...

People are complex. Even if their skin isn’t white.

I identify as biracial with Korean and White descent, evidenced here by my one slightly smaller eye which hadn't developed a double eyelid yet.
Mattea Carberry, Features Editor October 2, 2020

I live in a biracial household where my dad is White and my mom is Korean. Throughout my life, I’ve spent much more time with the Korean side of my family, so I view it as a big part of my cultural and...

Getting COVID-19 doesn’t make you cool

 With student postings on social media of large gatherings on the rise, the virus-free future we all want is moving further away
October 2, 2020

Close your eyes and remember that cold March day, the last day of normal school we would have for months to come. Remember how for the next month you gave groups larger than two dirty looks? Remember the...

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