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The student news site of New Trier High School

New Trier News

The student news site of New Trier High School

New Trier News

Mr. Trovato poses with his advisory during the 2019 prom at the Hyatt Regency. This prom will also be at the Hyatt Regency 6-10, and you have to get there before 7 and cannot leave until after 9.

It’s prom, boys you need to hear this

Ellie Carlson, Sports Editor
May 5, 2023

During prom season, many students rush to find a date, or try their best not to cringe at different “promposals.”  Movies, TV shows, and books have portrayed prom as a picturesque night that ends...

The Chat GPT-4 response to my prompt gave me a thorough explanation on how I would go about writing an op-ed

Letter to the Editor

Andy Crossgrove
May 4, 2023

To demonstrate the possibilities of Chat GPT, I have given the program the job of writing an introduction to this op-ed. In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, students need more than just...

The Kansas State University Marching Band is featured playing their musical instruments loud and proud for those in the crowd

Reviving school spirit with school marching band

Mary Catherine McColl, Staff Reporter
May 3, 2023

In the late ‘70s, New Trier phased out its marching band. Due to sensitivity to the Vietnam War, New Trier was inclined to remove anything military-like from the school environment. Considering a marching...

Ridiculing immigrants for speaking broken English is blatant hypocrisy and upside-down representation of American freedom

This is America. Speak. English.

Sara Grossman, Staff Reporter
April 28, 2023

For over a decade a sign reading, “This is America, When ordering speak English,” was proudly posted in front of one of America’s favorite Philadelphia fast food joints, Geno’s steaks. The bold...

Graduating seniors in long white dresses walk in 2022 graduation in front of many fans and cameras

New Trier’s future of graduation attire

Gracie Weber, Staff Reporter
April 27, 2023

In an era of modernism at New Trier, students find that many traditions the school has followed for decades are rapidly changing. There was the shift from nine-period days to a block schedule, gray days...

The band, The Police, playing in Hammersmith Odeon, London

Music should be celebrated not judged

Brendan Fijol, News Editor
April 26, 2023

I trudge onto the bus and collapse in a seat towards the rear, hitting the play button on my phone. I’m exhausted, and need to finish the day with some of my favorite music. But as I begin to tune out...

A former guest host of The Daily Show, Hasan Minhajs comedic style and show experience best fit the role for the new permanent host

Hasan Minhaj should be named host of “The Daily Show”

William Karr, Managing Editor
April 26, 2023

Last September, Trevor Noah announced that he would step down as host of “The Daily Show” after seven years. Now, seven months later, Comedy Central has yet to name a permanent host, instead having...

Dear New York Times, I do mind if you say you have ‘a little OCD’

Wylan Sokolov, Staff Reporter
March 24, 2023

On Jan. 22, the New York Times published an article by Maia Szalavitz titled, "I Don’t Mind if You Say You Have ‘a Little OCD'”. Szalavitz, a journalist who specializes in drug addiction, made the...

Santos pictured talking to press after a conference meeting in Washington D.C. on Jan. 25, 2023

Professional politician and professional liar takes seat in congress

Stella Dale, Social Media and Opinions Editor
February 10, 2023

Recently elected Republican congressman George Santos is a 34-year old Queens-born liar. Representing New York’s third congressional district. Like a real New Yorker, Santos has glorified his life, which...

Muslim women in India protest for their rights to wear hijab in schools

The feminist hypocrisy on villainizing hijab for ‘freedom’

Said Aydin, Managing Editor
February 3, 2023

A few months ago, after the death of 22 year old Iranian Mahsa Amini—who was killed under the custody of the Iranian morality police due to not wearing the traditional Islamic headscarf worn by Muslim...

New Years resolutions are a myth and phony. Now that January has passed, set goals and resolutions–not “New Year’s” resolutions” you know that aren’t real.

New year, fake me

Stella Dale, Social Media and Opinions Editor
February 3, 2023

You would think that gyms on January 1st would convince people to get memberships for their sales. That isn’t the case for Equinox, because they have a policy where they don’t let people join on January...

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Its important to stay mindful about the college questions

Give me a break

Lucy Kelly, News Editor
November 22, 2022

“What colleges are you applying to?”  “Are you thinking about where you want to go yet?”  “Have you started working on your list yet?” “That's a very smart school.”  or “That’ll...

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