Good News from around the NT Community

New Trier has had its share of bad news over the past few weeks. However, tough times have a way of bringing out the best in ourselves and our community. Across the North Shore, acts of kindness and compassion have been plentiful–here are a few of them.

Though many had to adapt their Easter Sunday celebrations to honor social distancing, the Easter Bunny still arrived! The Bunny was spotted by Brian Burden of Winnetka at the Glencoe Beach. 

                                          Easter Bunny waving to a fan from a proper social distance   Photo by Brian Burden from Nextdoor

Barbara Bychowski of Winnetka also spotted the Easter Bunny. This time, the Bunny was walking its dog.

              Easter Bunny taking a break from celebrations to walk the dog.  Photo by Barbara Bychowski from Nextdoor

Additionally, the Glenbrook Chinese American Community is giving out free masks to Northbrook and Glenview residents who are considered high risk for the virus. This includes groups like seniors 60 and older and those who are immunocompromised. They can be reached at [email protected]

                                        Photos of the masks donated by the Glenbrook American Chinese Community.       Facebook

New Trier’s own Applied Arts faculty are using 3D printers to create 500 face shields for medical workers. Applied Arts Department Chair Jason Boumstein and fellow department members Paul Perez and Devan Castellano have been leading the project. According to Boumstein, they are creating all the necessary components,  from the 3D printed part to the acrylic face shield, to the foam to make it comfortable.

New Trier High School Applied Arts staff members are using department 3D printers and laser cutters to make 500 face shields to donate to NorthShore University HealthSystem amid a national shortage of Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, for medical workers.,.us


New Trier’s special education faculty have also tried to connect with their students remotely. On April 3rd, a few of the special education teachers held a makeshift motor caravan down the streets of their students, waving signs, honking horns and playing music. Special Education teacher Colleen Koulantes told the Chicago Tribune that the idea snowballed as a result of one teacher suggesting they walk their dogs outside the home of a student. 

                       Special education teachers made a visit to their students’ homes on April 3.   Photo by Lois Bernstein

Finally, it seems that the North Shore will have some good weather over this next coming week. 

According to for Winnetka, each day Monday-Friday is in the high 40s to the mid-60s, which is the perfect climate for daily walks (with adherence to proper social distancing guidelines, of course). Though we may see some scattered showers on Thursday, you know what that means for May.