Shake Shack’s satisfaction isn’t concrete


I’m a fan of underdogs, and Shake Shack is the ultimate underdog. Starting as a small food cart in New York, it took only three years before Shake Shack launched its delicious enterprise of classic American style fast food all over the world.
Shake Shack now dominates in over 12 cities, just in terms of America. Even with their booming business, Shake Shack still manages to use only the best organic ingredients and grass-fed beef to serve customers.
To start off, this place knows how to make an incredible burger. Shake Shack has truly accepted the great motto of: “less is more”. This food speaks for itself. Shake Shack’s burgers don’t have much to them, but the bun, the patties, the lettuce, pickles, cheese, and their special sauce all blends together perfectly in one mouth-watering bite.
While the trek to the “shack” might be a little inconvenient, it all feels worth it when you try their cheesy fries. Crinkle cut is the way to go, keeping them ‘old style’ classy, seasoned with salt and layered with their exceptional Cheddar and American cheese sauce.
These fries withhold this certain special power that once you eat one, you’ll end up scarfing down the rest (if you’re like me, probably within seconds).
Shake Shack has also brilliantly paired up with other food places, such as Glazed and Infused and Bang Bang Pie, to create the best possible culinary creations.
Used in their frozen custard concretes are chunks of doughnuts, pies and other delicious “accessories” like truffle chocolate and caramel, to enhance their already amazing custard.
If you’re having trouble envisioning what a concrete is, here’s the Shake Shack’s description of the fan favorite, “Shark Attack”: chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough and Vosges black salt caramel chocolate, topped with chocolate sprinkles. I’m sorry, but if that doesn’t sound good to you, you might just be crazy.
The overall ambiance of Shake Shack has a very hipster, up-beat vibe; as you enter and approach the line to order your food, you join the overly-eager customers gazing up at the menu written on the wall. You can opt for a communal style dining experience, or remain more secluded in a separate booth to enjoy your food, but either way I can promise you this: you will enjoy it immensely.
The high ceilings and dark lighting keep the place bubbling with murmur, probably talking about how good the food is.
The perfectly sized portions will fill you up nicely and keep you satisfied.
But enough talking about Shake Shack. Go try it for yourself, so you can finally understand what real, good, American fast food tastes like.

With all the hype surrounding the opening of Shake Shack, the newest burger joint in Chicago has many reasons to disappoint. From the dried out fries to the starchy milkshakes, there’s nothing that this place has to offer.
The franchise, who now has opened 12 locations in 12 different cities, prides itself on having all natural beef and ingredients.
While that might be a step up from its competitors, what it’s really all about is the taste, which is up there to the dog snacks that Shake Shack offers.
The menu offers a variety of food, everything from burgers to hot dogs, cheese fries to their very own concrete mixers. The food is alright, if you’re desperate and it’s after hours. This place is like going to Navy Pier; it sounds like a good idea but you don’t have to do that to yourself.
The burgers come with a second patty of grease and the cheese is comparable to rubber.
And what kind of burger joint thinks it could become a mecca for foodies without proper consideration for its carry-out? To put it simply, the food doesn’t travel well. The thrill that is opening up a fresh meal in the comfort of your own home is lost and all you get is the disappointment of a sad, limp excuse for food.
With its stale fries and cold meat, it’s a guarantee way to disappoint your taste buds.
With places like Five Guys around, there’s no way for such a new franchise to come close to the fresh cut fries and handmade patties. Shake Shack is fine in terms of newer establishments, but in a city as food centered as Chicago, there’s no way this place will last
The environment is cool, and the location is prime, but overall, the food is subpar. It’s a sad excuse for the fine American food that we deserve. The only thing I would recommend is the dog treats, but animal instincts would probably tell you to stay away too.