A look back at 100 years of history

New Trier News reporters haven’t just been paying attention to events at school; Over the past century, students have been influenced by the changing world.

In 1957, the Polio epidemic was finally coming under control, and the debate about vaccinatnion was just as heated then as it is now. Students were worried that people were too comfotable with the problem being solved, despite lack of vaccinations being a problem, especially for high school students.

In 1980, the Iranian Hsotage Crisis caught the attention of students who did not hesitate to voice their opinions about the decisions of the US government. The situation brought up questions of military intervention and if the US made the right decision, and the article indicates how students were thinking at the time.

In 1992, what most students thought were important topics were hardly different than they are now. Problems with wealth, abortion, and drugs are all issues that had students talking 27 years ago and still spark debate.

In 2008, the hsitorical election the first black president, changed history and our country forever. A mock election had students discussing the election, and what it meant to vote.

Though the world has changed, these articles show that not much is different. Though the conditions of the world aren’t the same as they were 11, 27, 39, or 63 years ago, students keep making mistakes, voicing their opinions, and learning about the world as they manage their way through high school.