I survived the NT grind


It’s crazy to think that by the time anyone reads this, I’ll no longer be a high school student. My time at New Trier went by in a flash, while simultaneously providing some of the most grueling days (and class periods) I can remember. It was an absolute grind, but now that I’m at the finish line, I can see how much I’ve grown the past four years.

When I arrived freshman year, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t really do homework in middle school, and I pretty much thought I would just chill and play basketball throughout high school. I tried out that strategy first semester. My mom’s reaction when she saw my report card told me that might not be the optimal approach.

I grew immensely as a student, but even more so as a person, both literally and figuratively. I still remember freshman year when I skipped all the school dances because I was so introverted. I remember when my curly hair almost reached my shoulders, and when I used to wear size 14 bright red Harden 1’s that my freshman history teacher referred to as “clown shoes” (thanks, Mr. Pinos).

I grew immensely as a student, but even more so as a person, both literally and figuratively.

Looking back on my progression from a 14 year old boy to a soon-to-be 18 year old man, I barely recognize my former self.

Most of my best moments have come senior year. Playing varsity basketball was unforgettable (I repped #23 for the GOAT— up to you whether it’s MJ or LeBron), and the season taught me lessons about perseverance and mental toughness.

I loved writing and being a features editor for the NT News, and the opportunity to have a platform in my community was really cool.

I was a senior helper, giving tips from all my learning experiences to the freshmen in my advisery (Shoutout Hjelmvisery—miss you guys!).

Now I’m headed off to UIUC to major in engineering. If nothing else, the past four years have prepared me for the grind ahead. Trevs forever.