Retiree destinations 2020


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William Loris “I started at New Trier in 2003.  My wife and I are relocating to our lake home in southern Wisconsin. “We have some travel plans. We’ll be doing plenty of outdoor activities and seeing more of our family and friends.”

Michael Clough

“I have taught at New Trier for 26 years and taught for a total of 33 years. After retiring, I plan on continuing to travel. I have been to 49 states and will go on an Alaskan cruise next summer to complete my goal of visiting all 50 states. Also I have been to 240 national parks and have many more I am looking to experience.”

Jacqueline De Ment

Juan Fernandez

Heidi Haueisen

Arnold Jean-Jacques

Kathy Lee

“I began, in September 2008, as the assistant for the Senior Project, SILC and SAP programs. I left when my family moved and was fortunate enough to be re-hired eight years ago, as the assistant for the Social Work Department.My plans for retirement include spending more time with family in California, Colorado and Northern Michigan. I look forward to painting, gardening, exploring new hobbies and having the flexibility to go where the wind takes me.”


Colleen Sheridan

“I have been at New Trier for 15 years. My retirement plan is to spend time with family, travel, and live in Palm Springs during the winter.”

“I have been at NT since 1984. I believe that I might be the faculty member with the longest number of years at NT at this time. Looking forward to travelling especially after COVID-19 is safely behind us. Planning to run a 39.1k in Paris in late September.”