How to report sexual misconduct at NT

This step-by-step guide outlines the process that a student should expect when reporting sexual misconduct at NT, as outlined by the Student Guidebook

1. The student may speak to any adviser, teacher, administrator, or other staff member about the incident

2. This staff member will then report the concern to the appropriate adviser chair

3. The student will then have a conversation with the Adviser Chair, or the student can also submit a written description of the incident and the outcome desired

4. The adviser chair will conduct interviews with the reporting student, witnesses, and the accused if possible. A formal report will be created and other necessary personnel (i.e. the principal, social workers) will be notified

5. Parents or guardians of the reporting student, the accused, and the witnesses will be notified of the details of the report and of school counseling services

6. Within 10 days of the complaint, if possible, a decision will be made and the reporting student’s and the accused’s parents or guardians will be informed

7. Either party may submit an appeal including any additional information to the assistant principal within 10 days of the adviser chair’s decision

8. Within 15 days, if possible, the assistant principal will deliver a written response to the reporting student and the accused

9. The Superintendent maintains the right to intervene and make final decisions on all matters

Regardless of whether the incident took place on school grounds or not, if the student affected is feeling an impact at school, the school can become involved.
If the accused is not an NT student, the matter will be handled by police if the student and their family choose to engage with the police. The school will make the reporting student’s adviser and staff social workers aware of the incident.
If a sexual assault is reported by a student, no matter where it took place, the Winnetka Police Department will be informed by staff at the Winnetka Campus. If the report comes from a freshman student, the Northfield Police Department will be informed.
Sexual harassment will be reported to the police on a case-by-case basis.
The reporting student will not be informed of the disciplinary actions taken against the accused due to confidentiality.
Social workers are mandated reporters if the student’s safety is at risk. Otherwise, all conversations are confidential.