Pep Club’s spirit spotlight



This year, the 5th annual Spirit Award goes to Taylor Witort, a senior who will be attending University of Minnesota in the fall.

“It was amazing to hear that I had been nominated by enough teachers to make it on the ballot,” Witort said.

“I was honored that so many faculty members and students voted for me.”

Every year, the spirit award is presented to a New Trier student. Seniors are nominated by teachers from both campuses, and the students with the most nominations are placed on the ballot. The entire senior class then votes for the senior with the most spirit.

According to Pep Club sponsor Bridget Butterly, Witort has “a very positive attitude and promotes school spirit.”

Her peers agree that she has a positive and supportive attitude. This year two seniors were put on the ballot, Witort and Lauren Sinclair. Last year there were four finalists. “It varies by year. It depends on how many nominations each student gets,” Witort said.

Witort is in Pep Club, although that is not a Spirit Award requirement. “Pep Club sponsors [the award] and provides the scholarship, but it’s not a requirement to be in the club,” said Butterly. Anyone in the senior class can receive the award if they have enough nominations and votes.

The award includes a $2500 scholarship and a handprint and name on the wall of the Pep Club room. The nominations can be for any deserving member of the senior class. Last year’s recipient, Joe Kim,  was not in Pep Club.

“This is my second year in Pep Club, so I knew about the award, but I didn’t think I would be the one to win it my senior year, especially since anyone in the grade can win it,” said Witort.

Witort’s sunny Monday and Friday morning announcements are examples of her cheerful personality. It showed students that she could maintain that pep even on a Monday morning. Aside from that, according to Butterly, she has many qualities that make her a deserving recipient. “She displays school spirit, and wears blue and green,” she said.

“She’s always supporting other students, and celebrating other’s accomplishments,” Butterly added.

“I loved Pep Club and I had a lot of fun promoting teams and going to sports games,” Witort said of her experience with the club. “Pep Club was the best way for me to spend ninth period,” she added.

This year was the first time that the award was presented at Senior Awards Night on May 31 in the Gaffney Auditorium.

“I’m looking forward to receiving the award because I can’t think of a better way to have ended my senior year than being recognized for something I love-school spirit and peppiness,” Witort concluded.

Between her cheerful morning announcements, dedication to Pep Club, and support to New Trier sporting events, Witort’s positive attitude left a mark on New Trier.