Xbox and PS4 compete for consumers’ attention

The new hot topic amongst console gamers is the upcoming debut of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

These two new systems represent the largest console debuts of the year. However, these systems will release in a cloud of controversy and competition.

These platforms both have advanced massively from the last system in their product line. The Xbox One was met with early controversy but has since gone back on many of their more controversial features.

The PlayStation 4 is expected to outsell the Xbox One, but which one is really better?

That depends on taste in consoles as Xbox users are more likely to continue to buy a new Xbox and PlayStation users are more likely to buy new PlayStations. With that being said, there are more pronounced differences in these two consoles as opposed to the last installments in their product lines.

There has been some major controversy with the Xbox One’s early designs that Microsoft hopes to eliminate by the release date of November 18th of this year.

An early problem was that the Xbox One would not allow game sharing between different consoles. The gaming community was outraged at limited game sharing opprotunities with other players. Previous Xbox owners were outraged at this and demanded that the feature be removed.

Microsoft eventually yielded and now game sharing is allowed, but not before Sony released a commercial demonstrating how to share PS4 games. The commercial features one Sony employee handing a game to another. Despite this feature’s removal, there has been little said about this.

While the anger was widespread in response to the original design, there has been far less response to the newer design.

Another controversial feature was the fact that the Xbox One required an internet connection to allow you to play any games. This feature has been dialed back by Microsoft as well and now only a quick connection is necessary during the set-up period of the Xbox.

Microsoft has been trying to inform the public of their backing down on many controversial features, but they may not be quick enough to beat out the PS 4 with their release dates nearing and with misinformation still looming.

The two systems are equal on many aspects but differ in some key aspects such as exclusive games and features. Some major exclusive releases for the Xbox One are Forza 5, Ryse:Son of Rome, and Dead Rising 3. Major PS 4 releases include Drive Club, Order 1866, and Secret Ponchos. Most big game series will be available on both. As is usual, neither is backward compatible with its games. This is expected but is again annoying to people who have just bought recently released games on the previous generations.

Another major difference is their price. The Xbox One costs $499.99 as opposed to the PS 4 which sells for one hundred dollars less at a mere $399.99. This extra one hundred dollars represents a significant difference, as the Xbox One does not have anywhere near the amount of advancements needed to justify the additional money.

In addition to that price, there will be an added cost for batteries needed  to power the Xbox One’s controllers. The PS 4 has rechargeable battery packs which come with the PS 4.

With the release dates fast approaching for both systems, the Xbox One is unlikely to outsell the PS 4 which has created a system that appeals to console gamers more.

Both systems are far superior to their predecessors and should both sell well.